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for the sake of our children

For the sake of our children

We need to overcome our fears and take action now. Abuses My parents engaged in relentless arguments and battles while I was growing up. She nit picked away at him, he criticised back, both nasty. Sometimes it descended into domestic violence, something no child should ever have to witness. Intent on winning they argued away

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What hope is there?

What hope is there Having written several pieces about the climate emergency, protested, written to MP’s and local councillors, run workshops, attended trainings and more, I am wondering; what hope is there? My conclusion is; not a lot. I find myself in a very reflective and contemplative place wondering whether to bother anymore. Hippie thing

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Ecological grief

Ecological grief and how to process it

“The darkness we enter when we are overwhelmed by the swell of grief is a place of belonging” Francis Weller, The Wild Edge of Sorrow The Dodo When I was a young child we visited a museum where I came across a stuffed Dodo in a glass cage. Back I went again and again staring

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How do we overcome the denial?

We must overcome the denial.

If what I’ve been writing about recently distresses you, if you find yourself wanting to turn away and avoid it all, you are not alone. Wishing it would all go away is a common reaction to dreadful news. We must resist and overcome the denial. Haul ourselves out I want the ecological and climate breakdown not to

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elephant in the room

The elephant in the room invites us to fall back in love with our planet

Blog Warning: there is swearing in this article. Fall back in love with our planet This is my desperate plea, for us all to fall back in love with our planet. If I had a world sized soap box I would be standing on it now to broadcast this message to the whole world. To

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Change Is Always Possible

DO something to start saving yourself and the planet. If you don’t, who will?

How do we start saving ourselves and the planet? This is an enormous question which can feel impossible to answer. Simply suggesting we DO something is not enough we have to address what stops us. When I read this quote I felt a massive inner YES. There is an answer so let’s take a look.

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We were made for these times

A meditation Listening to a meditation by Tara Brach I was reminded that we were made for these times.  She quoted writing by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  This writing spoke to me on a deep level. It reminded me to keep going even when times are tough and that I am not alone. I offer it

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