I am walking Loch Creran to document the shoreline pollution around this beautiful loch.

Much of it is created by fish farms, mussel farms, oyster farms and the production of fish farm pens.  All industries have or do operate around this loch which is designated as a Special Area of Conservation. 

Find out all about our loch from this amazing booklet.

“The sea is the universal sewer.”

Jacques Yves Cousteau, Oceanographer

Sadly true, as evidenced by the shore line of this beautiful Scottish loch.

If this bothers you do something about it.

“When you turn a blind eye to atrocities, you are complicit in them.”

David Crossman

Together we are powerful.

Please do not turn away, don’t leave it to someone else, be the one who makes a change.

  • Stop eating farmed fish.
  • Fire off a letter of concern and complaint to your MP or MSP using this helpful site Write to Them
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If state of the world is upsetting you, you are not alone. Increasing awareness of the plight of life on earth is leading to emotional grief and distress, sometimes referred to as ecological/climate grief or eco-anxiety.

Practice Radical Self Care and do what you can, we all have something to offer the healing of our world.

Mairi can help.

If you would like an initial free consultation to chat through your concerns and to find out what support she can offer please

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