Glaceriska Bay to North Shian Ferry Point

There is little to say about this walk other than to ask you to watch the video and share it please.

Tell everyone you know about what is happening on the West Coast of Scotland because of the fish farming pollution and ask them to stop eating farmed salmon.

Insufficient Evidence

The Scottish Government continues to support this industry and is in fact giving the go ahead for it to expand. Yes, I know, sigh! The Minister responsible for Climate Change and the Environment, Roseanna Cunningham has said. “There is insufficient evidence to support a moratorium on the industry’s expansion.”

I have a rage inside me. Insufficient evidence my bleep!

The evidence is scattered all over the shores of the West Coast of Scotland for anyone who cares to see. I want to scream at our politicians for their total lack of care and concern for our environment. No matter what they say, what rhetoric they spout at the end of the day they are not prepared to make the difficult decisions. Their loyalties appear to lie with the big corporations. Be they oil, fish farming or big agriculture their wants take precedence over the electorate need’s. These industries are destroying the eco-systems of our planet. Our life support system is being devastated, our children’s futures placed in jeopardy.

Wellies and waterproofs

I would like to get these politicians come out from behind their desks. We need them in wellies and waterproofs out in nature, to see for themselves this assault on our planet’s ability to sustain life. Perhaps then, when they have a heartfelt connection to place their decisions will change.

We are the ones who can make the difference. Together we are powerful. Please do not turn away, don’t leave it to someone else, be the one who makes a change.

  • Stop eating farmed salmon.
  • Fire off a letter of concern and complaint to your MP or MSP using this helpful site Write to Them
  • Share this video and the previous one, help spread the word.

Loch Creran

The added problem in Loch Creran in particular is the legacy waste from Fusion Marine, now known as Gael Force Fusion. Their continued sloppy practices are well demonstrated in this video made by Friends of Loch Creran.

Both my recent walks have turned up Fusion waste.

A wonder to behold

Despite all the above I was still able to find pleasure in my walk. Our natural world truly is a wonder to behold. I watched an otter for a while and felt a surge of joy. The rocks reminded me of my previous walks and experiences with deep time. These rocks are ancient, reminding us of the huge changes our world has experienced, the immense pressures and forces which formed what see today.

The layers on show by the shore also tell a story. Each blanket of clay, shell, or rock relates to a past time, the collective evolutionary history which eventually brought us forth.

Sadly we now know what our layer will display. A time of madness, mayhem and mass disregard for this precious planet upon which we have the privilege to live.

“When the blood in your veins returns to the sea, and the earth in your bones returns to the ground, perhaps then you will remember that this land does not belong to you, it is you who belong to this land.” Native American 



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