1. First book a 1/2hr Free Initial Consultation below before booking any actual client sessions. This offers the opportunity to meet Mairi, to briefly discuss your issue, have questions answered and to make a plan for going forward.
  1. Book your client sessions, below, after completing an Initial Consultation. Also complete forms as described below, prior to first client sessions.
  1. Complete Client forms using links on the right:
    • Intake form – all clients
    • Practice Agreement – all clients
    • Instructions for Timeline History – META Health Clients only
    • A copy of Mairi’s Privacy Policy is available here.
  1. Automatic Zoom links will be sent to you along with appointment confirmations emails.

Client Forms

Confidential Client Intake Form
Practice Agreement
Time Line History

Initial Consultation

  • 30 min

  • Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.

Client Session

  • 1 hr 15 min

  • Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.

Please ensure you are somewhere private for this session. Bring a glass of water and a pen and paper for any notes you may wish to make.

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