“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.” 

Bruce Garrabrandt

My mind is often awash with creative ideas that swish and swirl around in an unruly manner. Tethering any individual thought for long enough to actually anchor it in action is a constant challenge.

Even if, like right now, I get as far as writing it may not produce anything concrete. Often left hanging, the momentum stalls, it becomes irrelevant and the moment has past. 

So, key bashing this time I wonder if these words will ever reach the point of being published? Or, will they be consigned to the Working On folder awaiting out of dateness. 

Today I started out expressing my views on health and wellbeing and how that perspective led to my stance during Covid. But I fell into justifying, defending and explaining myself which I definitely don’t need to do.

I have deleted it. 

This second attempt feels more simple and true.

Scrolling through some old photos I came across the one below which I created in 2020.

On the back of some recent conversations this photo catapulted my thoughts back through the last few years. I remembered why I came up with that expression and an impulse to write took over.

As I’ve said I deleted the initial splurge as all I really need to say is this – I remain a conscious objector not only to much of the Covid madness but to many, many things about modern life on our planet.

As the dictionary says about being conscious:

I have my mental faculties fully active, I know myself, I am intentional and deliberate in what I do and say and I am acutely aware and concerned.

To be as conscious as possible is, I believe, an absolute necessity if we have any hope of changing the current trajectory of destruction on our beautiful planet.

For me it’s not about more of the same damaging Business as Usual dressed up as green and sustainable. I believe we need a conscious evolution.  A revolution driven by love, kindness and concern for all, where we humbly acknowledge our place in the grandness of this Universe.

I will be sharing more about what this actually means and why I call my approach Radical Self Care – a way to live simpler, calmer more deeply connected lives taking better care of ourselves and our planet.

And to end, here I am at a Covid protest in November 2020 outside the Scottish Parliament. The other side of my placard said, “I give hugs”. I still give hugs so please feel free to stop and ask for one if you see me out and about. 

Radical self care

The awakening of consciousness is the next evolutionary step for mankind.

Eckhart Tolle

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