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“In modern medicine, we have a name for nearly everything, but a cure for almost nothing.”

Charles F. Glassman

New health paradigm

I’ve got something amazing to share. About 4 years ago I started training in a new health paradigm that has blown my mind.

Although it was incredibly challenging to learn it was so worth the struggle. My relationship with illness has been completely transformed. I now want to share this with you.

Our biology

There is a beauty in our biology that transcends most of what we have been taught. Dis-ease is not something to be feared. It is in fact a bio-logical message which offers us a choice, the chance to radically alter our lives for the better.

Before I explain I need to put things in context. 

The fiasco

Knowing what I now know, has made watching the ever unfolding SARS COV-2 fiasco incredibly frustrating. The idea that there is only one way to deal with illness is absurd. Nonetheless this idea has been adopted by the majority, as fact. 

This is of course preposterous when we consider the multitude of other approaches that exist to support health and healing. Many of these go back thousands of years and are still successfully practiced all across the world.

Worse still it is becoming increasingly obvious that the Government’s strategy is failing. The unintended consequences of their public health policies are causing a great deal more harm than good.  All cause mortality has increased, vaccine injuries mount, and the long term impact on mental health and wellbeing is yet to be fully revealed. Here in Scotland, despite vaccines we have higher Covid and excess deaths this year than last! Something appears to be amiss. 

The life raft

Having doggedly stuck to the “vaccines are the only way out of this” approach means that virtually nothing has been done to actually enhance the health of the nation. 

Clinging to the life raft of vaccines our Governments have been captured by the Big Pharma sickness industry in much the same way as mainstream media and many scientists have. 

Coupled with a mass censorship programme the public have been denied access to alternative scientific opinions and treatments. How can anyone make a truly informed health choice in these circumstances? 

The failings

The last two years have been an incredible example of many of the failings of modern medicine. This medical monolith herds us down a Pharma model of illness. Predicated on fear it assumes dis-ease means something has gone horribly wrong. Our mind or body has malfunctioned, failed or broken down. If not that, then we must have been invaded by some external threat. 

Either way we are now in grave danger and must be saved, aka, treated in some way.

A battle

A battle ensues. Us against ourselves or said invader. An adversarial relationship is set up, often against our own biology. The part which is causing the problem is seen as other and has to be managed, controlled and made to submit.

Generally symptoms are dealt-with by medicating, operating and treating in an attempt to suppress or remove, the problem. Thereafter we are deemed cured, we have beaten the dis-ease and won the battle. You will now be lauded and esteemed for your courageous journey.

If all this fails, we are deemed incurable and we will have to face life long treatments or accept the inevitable, death.

Reductionist science

The historic reasons for this dominant controlling, power over medical model are many and complex, not least rooted in our war mentality. Another element, however, was the advent of reductionist science; an approach which interprets a complex system as the sum of its parts.

This led to many wonderful discoveries and has done a magnificent job in helping us understand the functions of each biological part of our bodies. However, it tends to look at them all separately. Each part is dealt with by a different specialist, the expert in that organ or biological system.

This is sadly also one of the great limitations inherent in this modern medical model. It pays scant attention to the whole; the networks, interdependencies and collective dynamics operating in and around each human being or indeed community or country are largely ignored.

Playing God

It is a limited system playing God, acting as if it has all the answers. This sick care service aims to have as many of us on repeat prescriptions or for that matter vaccinations, as possible. It is an investors dream. 

It has created a society of physically sick and mentally ill pharma junkies. This is not health.

“We have created a major industry centred around disease and manipulating the symptoms of those diseases, and everyone wants a piece of the action — from insurance companies to doctors, administrators to state legislatures, lobbyists to hospitals, drug companies to researchers, medical device companies to universities, and even all the non-profits that collect millions and millions of dollars to support this massive system of dysfunction. Make no mistake, this is not a wellness industry.”

Jon Barron

Old Medicine

I will now refer to that sickness industry as the Old Medicine. It’s time is over. The last 2 years has shown us how spectacularly limited it is and the terrible additional harm it can cause with its myopic view of disease.

I believe we can co-create a new integrated health care system which promotes health. By taking the best of this Old Medicine, the things it does well and combining it with the best of all the other incredible systems on offer we could transform the health of our nation.

This new health system will offer us a real choice and the opportunity to benefit from the incredible gifts available when we engage in self healing.


We know that 93% of those who die with Covid have underlying health conditions. They are already very poorly. Their resilience to disease is low making them far more vulnerable to any additional burdens or demands.

We also know that more natural, holistic and integrated approaches can reverse or improve many of those conditions.

The time, energy and money poured into inducing fear, controlling the narrative and developing and administering vaccinations, has been eye watering. Imagine what could have happened if we had directed even a portion of that towards improving the health of these vulnerable people?

Sadly this is not even being considered as the narrative continues on. In his latest video Neil Oliver describes so well the merry-go-round upon which we ride. Round and round we go stuck on the Covid carousel until we choose to get off.

“To heal is to touch with love that which we previously touched with fear. “

Stephen Levine


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