Who do you trust with your health? – takes approx 8 mins to read. It also contains an important video which takes as long as a short film.

“If something or someone is being banned, I want to be among the first to know about it.”

Howard Jacobson

As some of you may know I recently had a video banned, or should I say censored by Youtube. In this article I reflect on what it might mean for all of us.

In my opinion YouTube has a right to choose what is shown on their platform. After all it is their space. Similarly on this website I get to choose what is published and what is not.

However there is a problem, a fundamental difference between them and me. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Google in particular, are huge and popular platforms utilised by millions, if not billions across the globe. This dominance offers them the opportunity to influence all sorts of aspects of our lives, and they do. 

In his recent video Great Reset: The TRUTH about Facebook’s Globalist Agenda Russel Brand describes it this way.

“Imagine your senses could be controlled by an external agent, that you were only able to look at certain piece of information, like the spectrum of colour was reduced or the range of sound that you were able to experience was limited. Your entire realty would reformulated on that basis. This is what we are discussing here, a second colonisation, where billions of people’s experience of reality is controlled or obscured or presented through massive tech giants whose agendas and objectives we are at least beginning to question.”

After all we are the product they sell to others. It is imperative we behave in certain ways in order to satisfy their actual customers. The algorithms are designed to serve the interests of their advertisers and funders not the users. We are merely the mechanism by which they make their millions. 

Why would we trust them?

In my opinion they will always be compromised by these relationships and it is why I have removed myself from most social media.

Sadly it’s the same for many of the Government’s top advisors and so called independent regulators like the MRHA.  These people have fingers in many pies, are connected with, receive funding from or indeed work for big pharmaceutical companies.

These conflicts of interest never influence them, apparently! The flow of money does not affect their ability to judge what would be in the best interests of you, me or the country as a whole.

Who honestly believes that?

Can we trust them?

The Covid pandemic is soaked in corruption. Some of it sits in plain site, for example the PPE contract scandals. Much more is hidden, heavily censored by all the major news and social media platforms.  It’s much more difficult to find.

But why?

I believe the pandemic has become a vehicle of convenience, a way to propagate ideas that we may have found unpalatable in the past. It has also offered an almost unprecedented economic opportunity for Big Pharma. 

In addition, other global giants wait in the wings for the almost certain roll out of digital ID’s. Sliding in disguised as vaccine passports this digital take over of our lives is on its way.  Propelled along by orchestrated fear we are lining up like dominos ready to fall in line with whatever apparent saviour is offered next.

Most of us were already aware of the levels of corruption in Government and big corporations. It has not simply gone away during Coronavirus times. If anything it has proliferated. 

The ideas about how to tackle the pandemic were not conjured up in the minds of politicians. They come from their advisors. They have many.  A whole swathe of non elected individuals, many with vast corporate interests, tell our highest politicians what to think and do. Interestingly many of these advisors are common across the global and political spectrum. 

Coupled with the influence of large unelected Global Institutions like the WHO and the World Economic Forum our Governments are but puppets on a global stage. They dance to a tune played by these massive institutions who have set themselves up as world dictators advisors. 

They now set the tone, dictate policy and decide the agenda of our lives. 

We know all this right? I’m just flagging it up because it seems to me that many people who previously doubted Government, distrusted big global corporations and condemned much of mainstream media reporting, now act as if they are all squeaky clean with regard to Covid-19.

The same institutions and corporations we’ve protested about for other issues are now controlling the Covid narrative. This concerns me.

Whispering in the ears of Government are all the global giants who stand to gain from this continued pandemic agenda. Big Pharma and Big Tech in particular have much to gain, as do all the companies now supplying the Covid paraphernalia. From tests to vaccines a multi billion dollar industry was created almost over night.

  • Who really benefits from locking down the entire working population, quarantining healthy people based on flawed testing regimes?
  • Who benefits from mass testing and vaccinations for a disease with a 99.9% survival rate for the majority of the population? 

There are many many doctors and scientists who have been hollering from the sidelines about other ways to approach this situation. They have put their reputations and careers on the line to try and bring us information about treatments, pandemic management, vaccine dangers and more. 

So why have they been censored?

I invite you watch this video if you are curious about these times. It clearly explains the levels of corruption we currently face and describes some of the story about how we got here. (this too has been CENSORED now)

Censorship is a massive red flag. Big corporations are now trashing our health in much the same way as they damage the planet. They are not interested in our well-being. All of this is purely a means to an end, profit for shareholders.

Safe and effective treatments and protocols have been kept from us. These wouldn’t make anyone much of a profit, but they could have saved lives.

The big Pharma giants pushing these so called vaccines (aka new technologies never before used on humans), do not care what harm they do. Their litigation records are evidence of this . They simply pay the fines and carry on. It’s just the cost of doing business to them. 

With these vaccines the business model is even better, they cannot be sued at all!

Given all this why would we trust these companies with our lives?

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.”



Disclaimer: The views expressed here, in blog posts and on the website Change Is Always Possible are those of the author Mairi Stones alone, and do not represent the views of any associated bodies. We do not diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. Information provided in this blog is not intended to substitute advice, treatment and/or diagnosis from qualified medical and nutritional professionals.

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