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“People travel to wonder at the height of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars; and they pass by themselves without wondering.”

St Augustine

The new model of health that I have been learning views each person as an individual living system. It understands the influences on, and interplay between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the self. All this is viewed within the context of our social experiences and the environments in which we live.

This new approach, I believe, will become part of the New Medicine of the future.

Working with a practitioner trained in this method you will be invited on a journey of self discovery. Here, symptoms are viewed as messengers full of meaning. The client and practitioner work collaboratively to answer these questions:

Why me?

Why this?

Why now?

Based on a body of work spanning back to the 1970’s this META view of health understands that our bodies are bio-logical and part of an intelligent evolutionary adaptation process.

There is a reason we get sick.

I have now trained as a practitioner and my intention is to share these insights with those who wish to benefit from this expanded view of dis-ease.

Symptoms are part of a dis-ease process. Understanding this and where we are within that process creates an opportunity to learn, grow and to change at deep and profound levels. We can engage with this evolutionary energy by entering into a new relationship with illness.

Dis-ease is an invitation to change.

In other words we can alter the course of our life trajectory, if we so wish. We have a choice. Our symptoms are the gateway to that change.

This may sound exciting, or scary, or indeed pie in the sky. No matter, there is a wave of this new medicine building across the globe. It recognises the natural intelligence inherent within our wonderful human eco system, and seeks to help us align more fully with that intelligence and what it means to live in harmony and flow.

By combining this new bio-logical information with all the other wonderful healing modalities on our planet, both new and ancient, we have the potential to radically alter the future of health on our planet.

A system of power over dominates old medicine. It seeks to bend the body and mind to the will of the doctors and their treatments. Sickness is primarily dealt with by attempting to eradicating symptoms.

That old medicine fails to understand the deeper meanings inherent in dis-ease and the wonderful opportunity that it offers us. 

When we understand why this dis-ease is happening to us at this time in our lives, we open up a whole new world of possibility. We are able to release fear and then engage in a practical, purposeful and positive self healing journey. 

This offers us the chance to heal emotional wounds and to let go of old patterns and limiting beliefs. Many of us live lives compromised by what has happened to us in the past. Conditioned by difficult life events, emotional challenges and social systems our minds and bodies become expressions of our past. 

We loose connection with who we truly are.

By understanding the beautiful, nuanced messages brought to us in the form of symptoms we can choose freedom from this soul sickness.

A healthier happier you is possible. More about how will be revealed in future blogs.

“Your greatest self has been waiting all your life, don’t make it wait any longer.”

Steve Maraboli


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