“Like any other major experience, illness actually changes us.  How?  Well for one thing we are temporarily relieved from the pressure of meeting the world head on.  We enter a world of introspection and self-analysis. We think soberly, perhaps for the first time, about our past and future. Illness gives us that rarest thing in the world–a second chance, not only at health, but at life itself!” – Louis E. Bisch, MD

META Consciousness Analysis

META Consciousness or META Health as it is also known offers us all healing hope. Rooted in biology, this map for understanding our physical and mental dis-ease, has the potential to offer us that second chance at life. It opens doors to a deeper and more profound way of looking at ill health, one that the current health paradigm has not yet embraced. 

The analytical process used by a META Consciousness (MC) practitioner requires a medical diagnosis. This, along with your particular symptoms and the practitioner’s understanding of the biological dis-ease process, make it possible to work out the intense stressful event which triggered your dis-ease.

The MC analysis techniques help us understand that the root cause of the dis-ease is not some malfunction or breakdown of the body. Our symptoms are not a result of poor diet, compromised gut function or genetic inevitability, although they definitely play a role. Rather, they are the response from our human system, to an intense emotional experience. Our biology is expressing the distress in a very nuanced and distinct way, a way which offers us the opportunity for true healing.

Intense Emotional Experiences

We all experience difficult and challenging times on our human passage through life. Some of these help us grow and expand but others afflict us in detrimental ways and cause harm. These are the experiences which META Consciousness calls UDIN’s, a concept developed by Richard Flook who wrote Why Am I Sick?.

Meta Consciousness

These intense emotional experiences create a freeze response in our bodies. In the situation we could not fight or flee so we froze. A part of us gets stuck in time, caught in the moment of the trauma as shock hits our heart, brain and bodies. If we have had many of these accumulating over time, if our vitality is poor, or the intensity of the moment is large enough, a dis-ease process will begin. Our bodies and minds adapt to cope. They do so in a biologically logical way which modern medicine calls illness and disease, and treats as something going wrong that needs put right again.


Through the MC analysis we come to understand what has happened to create this illness or dis-ease. The process helps us to uncover not only the UDIN’s but associated limiting beliefs. It also identifies emotional themes, behaviours and patterns which have defined our approach to life.

Having uncovered and discovered all these factors, a therapeutic plan for healing is co-created between the client and practitioner.  This plan puts you, the client, firmly in the driving seat of your own self-healing, you are in charge. It covers not only the physical aspects of healing but the mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental conditions too. A far reaching holistic transformation is on offer.

The META Consciousness journey opens us to a deeper awareness of who we are and what has happened to us as we travelled through life. It offers a wider understanding of ourselves and our life experiences. Through this we have the opportunity to clear what holds us back from expressing our true nature and authentic selves in the world. Our “second chance, not only at health, but at life itself!”

International META Consciousness AcademyOpen Mind

As with many new discoveries it’s easy to feel challenged by the new information. We didn’t easily accept new concepts like the world is round or we revolve around the sun when they were first muted but most of us got there in the end. I’m flagging that up because learning about META Consciousness has been like that for me, and it may be for you too.

I invite you to read what I have written above with an open mind, that Buddhist beginners mind. Be willing to notice your resistance and suspend your judgments.  If we are to learn a new way to be here on our planet, we need to find new strategies, new ways to be, to heal and to live. META Consciousness is, I believe, part of that. 


Of course it’s possible, that my explanations has been so flipping amazing, it will all have just click, click, clicked into place. However, incase not, read on.

When a part of your body or mind stops working the way you expect it to, what do you think?

  • It’s broken?
  • Something is wrong?

Me too, or I did. I am now training myself to think differently, to consider that:

  • This “dis-ease” in my mind or body could be meaningful.
  • It may be exactly what needs to happen.
  • Perhaps nothing is wrong or broken.
  • Maybe this is a signal that something emotional needs healed.

Challenged? I was, and still can be. The idea that we are broken if something goes “wrong” is deeply embedded in our psyches.

Adapting to survive

But consider this, what if like all of life on earth, our bodies and minds:

  • Are adapting to survive something.
  • As a result they are going through a natural biological process.
  • The dis-ease is a doorway inviting us in to find out what caused our system to make these changes.
  • The symptoms provide the route in, to find out exactly what that adaption is and why it is happened.

Think about it. We all already know this. It is how life works, right? 

Thrown out of balance

When something happens in life that stops or interferes with the natural order and flow, we try and bring about balance again. We seem to understand this very well at a planetary level but still struggle to understand this with regard to our human health.

Our planet has been thrown out of whack by the changing circumstances mostly created by human activity. We understand that we have moved away from living in alignment with nature and the rest of life on earth. As a consequence the eco-system is now showing us that is out of balance.  I never hear people saying “oh it’s just broken, bad luck!

 That’s because it’s not true. We know that something is CAUSING the “outside the norm” events on our planet.  Stressed to capacity and struggling to re-stabilise, symptoms have appeared. The coral reefs are dying, polar ice-caps melting, fish stocks rapidly declining, insects almost gone, on and on the list of symptoms goes. We are living within a climate emergency.

The human eco-system

META Consciousness looks at US like that, as an eco-system out of balance, trying to get back into harmony.

Our symptoms, be they physical or emotional, are our human eco-system’s attempts to get back into balance. It is alerting us to the issues that need addressed in order to do this.

Just like the planet we may have taken a lot of knocks and been able to carry on. Eventually, however, like the earth we reach a threshold,  our capacity to cope is breached and symptoms appear. Our bodies or minds are unable to tolerate the load any more. META Consciousness offers the opportunity to understand exactly what has happened and helps us work out how to come back into harmony and flow.

The planet needs as many of us as possible operating from that place. Health and vitality enables us to step into our power, passion and purpose. That energy is the fuel we need for the changes we collectively face. Every additional person living from this place of Radical Self Care is needed for the work ahead.

META Consciouness understanding lights the way back to our true selves. 


Book an initial consultation

Book a free consultation with me to discuss your issues. Together we can decide what is the best way forward for you. I may be that person, however there are META Consciousness specialists so if appropriate, I will suggest a referral to one of them. 

Talks and Workshops

Book me to come and talk to you and your friends, family or colleagues. This offers you the opportunity to have the process explained in greater depth using examples and illustrations to help deepen your understanding. 

META Consciousness

Here is the META Consciousness analysis explained by my trainer and founder of the International META Consciousness Academy, Penny Croal.

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“META Consciousness offers us an opportunity to practice Radical Self Care at a deep and transformative level. As we move closer to our true authentic selves we start to shine our light in the world. We become more fully aligned with our part in the healing of our world. As we heal the world heals.” – Mairi Stones

Change Is Always Possible

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About the Author: Mairi

Radical Self Care Coach, supporting you to create a calmer, simpler, more deeply connected life where you take better care of yourself and our planet.


  1. Seana Smith June 9, 2019 at 12:04 am - Reply

    Hi Mairi, this is very clearly laid out and explained in a way that gives some breathing space as well as making the good suggestion to come with an open mind. And I can see that illness can provide opportunities to grow and to heal emotional issues at the same time as the physical ones, as you’ve experienced yourself.

    • Mairi June 12, 2019 at 5:41 pm - Reply

      Thanks Seana. yes the healing journey, though often challenging, has gifts to offer us. X

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