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“You have not converted a man because you have silenced him.”

John Morley



YouTube has just tried to silence me and I feel anything but converted. Perhaps you can help me understand this censorship experience? There is something in the 3 min video below that the AI algorithms at Youtube did not like. Was it the pathogenic priming, daring to mention coercion or perhaps the link I made to enable further exploration? 

Pathogenic Priming

Here are two links about pathogenic priming.


Despite asking Youtube has refused to explain other than to reiterate that I violated, yes that’s the word they used, their medical misinformation guidelines. In true Victorian parenting style there is no explanation or opportunity to learn. I must simply take my punishment like a good little girl, Oh, and heed the warning too.  If I dare to break the rules again I will have my channel suspended. 

All they have done is make me feel bolder, braver and more determined to share my understandings about the Covid craziness that has gripped the world.


As I’ve said before many eminent scientists and professionals in the world of pandemics have had their work, opinions and professional expertise silenced during the course of the pandemic. 

This is despite the fact that we know science is an ever evolving area of investigation and understanding which changes over time. Or is it? When it comes to Covid the science seems to be firmly settled in the hands of a few who have the ear of Governement. The rest can just shut up, and if they don’t guess what happens, removal. Just like me their interviews will disappear. 

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”
George R.R. Martin

Want to know more

When someone tries to silence me, whether it’s a friend, family member or a big Tech company all that happens is I want to know more. What is making them behave like that, and why now?

I am a very curious person, it’s part of what motivates my work as a therapist and health coach. This human scale investigation uncovers layers of limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns, conditioning, traumas and other emotional difficulties experienced and endured through time.

Through this unfolding a plan for change emerges, one where the client becomes empowered to take charge of their own self healing journey.

If only we could do this on a collective level. 


I believe we are experiencing a severe and wide spread form of Astroturfing. The pharma giants, experts at this, are now in bed with Governments and Big Tech plastering the one Covid story thickly across the whole planet. 

Censorship is another arm of this agenda designed to simply eliminate information that does not fit. They want us tied to the fear based narrative designed to control us, make us tow the line, stand in line and do only as we are “allowed.”

Playing with numbers

Those managing the censorship constantly retune the dial to keep the needle firmly pointed towards fear and how their rules, regulations and vaccines will keep us safe. Safe from what I wonder? Knowing the truth perhaps?

A good deal of tyranny goes by the name of protection. 

Crystal Eastman

In their own words (as spoken by a UK Government minister on the radio this very week), this virus has a death rate of 0.1% for anyone over 40. Er.. that number includes the majority of people who died, the elderly and vulnerable so, in other words we have a 99.9% chance of living!

Massaging figures

During my degree and accountancy training I studied economics and statistics. I learned how easy it is to make numbers talk different languages depending on who you are speaking to. Sadly I put this to good use working as head of finance for a charity.  In order to convince funders of our need for cash I created elaborate reports to illustrate whatever story we were telling at the time.

It was an AIDS Charity in the 1990’s, there was no need. We were actually awash with cash, so much so I became adept at massaging figures. It’s not something to be proud of I know but it does illustrate my experience and therefore cynicism regarding the Government’s data announcements.


All this, whilst fascinating is sadly rather sinister when applied in the real world, with real people’s lives and livelihoods at stake and on a national and global scale.

Statistics, mathematical modelling and Behaviour Modification techniques have been used to  control and manipulate us all during this pandemic. Certain information has been suppressed and censored while some was pushed and promoted.  


In times of emergency you do need someone to take charge, that is true. The thing is where does the moral compass of these people point and what or who is influencing their decisions. Sadly history tells us that when censorship is rife we are not the ones being cared for. The powers that be are orientated elsewhere. 

Book Burning

Scenes of book burning so often precede the roll out of more totalitarian regimes. In these, access to knowledge and information has to be controlled,  censorship installed in order to usher in whatever new state has been planned. 

Well it’s not bonfires in the street now, it’s a digital blaze. If it can happen to small fry like me it can happen to anyone.

People who believe in freedom of expression have spent several centuries fighting against censorship, in whatever form. We have to be certain the ‘Net’ doesn’t become the site for technological book burning.

John Ralston Saul



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