It’s simpler than you may think.

As I sat down to mediate this morning I felt heavy,  achey and a bit down.  I was aware of the part of me that wants to give up because it’s all too hard,  that sometimes wants a different life.  She doesn’t want to have to keep doing the same old two-step.  You know the one;  two steps forward one step back,  two steps forward one step back.

In my fantasy world everyone else seems to have found the magic bullet.

With one particular therapy or in one session or one weekend their lives have completely changed, old limiting beliefs,  behaviours and feelings have miraculously been shed leaving them happy and free.  This is all fuelled by the” one minute wonder” videos and blogs posts which abound across the internet telling us how marvellous certain treatments and modalities are.

I am sure some such miracles do occur and lives are instantly transformed,  but I am also sure that these offerings can leave some of us feeling like we are going wrong,  that we are not good enough or the therapies we practice and receive perhaps aren’t up to scratch.

It smacks of the ills of the consumer society promising the quick fix,  instant turn around and transformation whilst also subtly undermining what we are doing by creating a dissatisfaction with our current choices.

So what can we do?

Do we continue the search, jumping from one promise of salvation to the next, or do we settle in and do the work where we are?  My mantra is to do what I know works and be open to what else might present itself.

I don’t need another book or course or seminar because I already know what helps me feel better,  and it’s simple.  To this end I made my list this morning and reminded myself.
Eat well.
Drink water and lovely herbal teas.
Go for a walk.
Do some yoga.
Listen to a relaxation.
Go to bed early.
Do something creative.
Get out in nature.
Do some gardening.

None of these things are difficult,  none of them involve relying on anyone else,  none of them costs anything,  they are the simple life-sustaining things we can all do.

My suggestion is for you to make your list and then choose one thing, and only one, from that list, that you will do today. If you do more fantastic, but aim for one.

I listened to a relaxation CD, taking this one action step transformed my day.

What one thing could you do today?

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About the Author: Mairi

Radical Self Care Coach, supporting you to create a calmer, simpler, more deeply connected life where you take better care of yourself and our planet.

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