“Do you smell it? That smell. A kind of smelly smell. The smelly smell that smells.”

Mr Krabs, Spongebob.

This situation stinks

Can you smell it?

The continued use of confusion and fear to manipulate and control our behaviour is outrageous. The drawing out of this “dangerous deadly pandemic” is altering our world, eroding our freedoms and dismantling the foundations of our democracy.

Using fear

As a child I apparently heard, saw and felt things that were not in fact happening. As a result I learned not to trust my own intuition.

My Mum did not get hit so hard she had a black eye. No! She walked into a door. Despite hearing the screams, the begging and hitting, I ended up doubting my own ears. Confused by my parents’ lies and in need of comfort I capitulated; she walked into a door.

Safety and survival

We depend on our caregivers to feel safe, so it’s hard to believe they would lie to us. To manage the confusion, especially if they are scared, children often make their own perceptions and feelings wrong. They deny their own experience in favour of the parental explanation.

Rather than make them wrong we make ourselves wrong.

Sadly my family life was full of such incidents so I made myself wrong a lot. I carried this limiting belief well into my adult life, constantly questioning myself and not trusting what I felt.

Pilot Light

Fortunately for me a little pilot light of doubt flickered on. Despite the pervasive blanket of denial and fear this little flame survived. I am so thankful for it now, a little spark of resistance and truth-seeking stayed alive.

Over the years I have nurtured that part of me and allowed it to grow. I’ve learned to trust it, and it knows when a situation stinks. It is burning brightly now.

“Trust your intuition and be guided by love.” – Charles Eisenstein

Very familiar

I see something happening now which feels very familiar. Many people are frightened, have been frightened. They want to feel safe and survive this panic-demic, so they have turned to the authority figures for guidance and reassurance. Despite distrusting the press and Government in the past, they have now placed their faith in these institutions.

The cognitive dissonance engendered by information that challenges the decisions is, I think, often too uncomfortable to contemplate. It wobbles the wobbled. Many can’t hear anything that questions the mainstream narrative because they are so gripped by fear they need to cling to their perceived source of safety. They need to believe them.

Anything or anyone who challenges the current story must therefore be wrong.

Protecting us

These authority figures are trying to protect us, save us and keep us safe, aren’t they?

Or, are they?

Maybe like my parents there are other things going on. Remember, my parents were not trying to protect me, they weren’t trying to keep me safe, they weren’t even thinking about how I was, at all. They were caught up in their own sad games.

They didn’t want the truth exposed, so they deepened the denial, lies and fear to confuse and control me. I had to become a game player to survive. They wanted me firmly in my fear box, quiet and obedient then they wouldn’t need to face the truth and feel the discomfort of any paradigm disruption.

This situation stinks

Our Government is doing the same now, games of confusion and fear messing with our minds.  They are changing the guidelines regularly so it’s hard to keep up. People are being set against each other. They use guilt to shame and call out dissenters, even arresting those who speak out. All this adds to the fear, paranoia, obedience and compliance.

Many lives have been lost, some were inevitable when a seasonal illness came through, but others happened because of the decisions our Government and press made. It may be that even more people will have suffered because of the lockdowns. Lives are being lost or ripped apart by the terrible consequences of all this; and still the game plays on.

This situation stinks, it’s offensive and I am not playing.

This game is not about keeping us safe, it’s not about our health and it’s not even about the virus any more.

Redirecting our attention

The Government and press are redirecting our attention through the distortion of facts, confusing infection rates with cases and treating them all like they did deaths.  They now have people signing up to an app to track and trace, and lining up for a rushed vaccine.  If the changes to Human Medicines Regulations go through it won’t even need to be licensed. Rules, regulations and caution are being thrown to the wind in the race to get us all gathered up into their agenda.

What agenda?

Here’s one woman who very excellently tells us some of what might be going on. It is less than 1/2hr and well worth listening to, in my humble opinion.

She says it all. Hard for many to hear I expect. You may want to right her off as a conspiracy theorist but much of this is already happening elsewhere. Check out China, there is a future template. Do your research, is that really what you want?

Every time you agree to another dent in your liberty under the guise of this pandemic, it’s a nail in the coffin of our collective and indiviudal future freedoms.

Rachel mentions Plandemic, a fascinating documentary which has managed to create a censorship furore. If you want to watch Parts 1 and 2 you can find them here. There is also an interesting interview here with the filmmaker Mikki Willis. He explains more about his background and why he made these films.

Not about health

What our Government has done and is doing, is not about health or wellbeing anymore. If it was, just for starters, they could investigate the following:

Vitamin D testing could help highlight those more at risk, and deficiencies are easy to correct.

Before we roll out mass flu vaccination programmes, when a known coronavirus is in circulation, does it not make sense to investigate how safe that actually is?

Covid-19 started in one of the most toxic places on earth and it seems exposure to air pollution matters. Instead of locking down people maybe we should have locked down vehicles and planes for longer.

All the while the pharmaceutical industry and medical professions get their knickers in a twist about possible treatments, testing regimes and vaccines we could have been using Vitamin C. Sigh!

One view

If they were concerned about our health there would be room for more than one view. Instead, everything is currently dominated by big Pharma and Modern Western Medicine. Anything that challenges this approach is under serious threat, censored, banned or considered “false information.

This situation stinks. The whiff of control and domination are everywhere. We are living with a sickness system that has exerted tight control on the whole world view of illness.  It’s end, to funnel us down the “only a vaccine will get us out of this and back to normal” route.

It won’t end there of course, much more will roll out on the back of that sinister idea.

Healthy human

The thing is there’s no getting away from the fact that a healthy human is not a pill popping, arm jabbed person. People brimming with vitality and beaming wellbeing do not frequent doctors offices.

They understand their connection to nature and live accordingly. They really live, and support themselves with good nutrition and sleep and movement that keeps them fit and supple. Understanding the importance of connection they spend time with friends and family they love, and purse hobbies and activities which bring them joy.


To end I have to say something about masks. Yes that contentious subject. I can barely even go there except to say, fresh air?

We are human beings, we breath air, fresh air created by nature. She does an incredible job of supplying us with this, despite the onslaught on her ability to do so. We need to breath it in, fully and freely.

Even if covering our mouths was useful, and that is debatable, masks have to be used correctly. No where is there evidence to say that keeping them in your pocket, dangling them off one ear or under your chin, unwashed, exposed to who knows what, will keep you safe.

Marc Dolan’s recent video on Facebook humorously tells us a more about the bewildering world of masking.


Ok enough. I could say so much more but the information is out there if you want to find it. If you feel that something about this whole situation stinks and you are willing to do some research start with watching the latest Episode of The Highwire which reviews 2020 and the pandemic. Or, look back over my last few blog posts and follow the links.

Suffice to say I smell a rat, something about this situation stinks to high heaven and I am not prepared to play their games anymore. Are you?

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
George Orwell


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About the Author: Mairi

Radical Self Care Coach, supporting you to create a calmer, simpler, more deeply connected life where you take better care of yourself and our planet.


  1. Joy Cameron September 12, 2020 at 4:35 pm - Reply

    I understand people are concerned, I am quite happy with what the Scottish Government are doing, I don’t have a problem believing that they have our best interests at heart. I am concerned that the BBC have decided to stop showing daily briefings so that the way people get information from the horse’s mouth in order that health and government representatives have been stopped from sharing what I want to hear. I’m sorry that Rachel is faced with barking, masked hospitality workers, I am lucky enough to meet with caring and gentle workers in cafes and shops. I don’t believe this is a conspiracy any more than it has been in the past. As long as elite politicians and landed gentry along with corrupt politicians continue as they’ve been doing for a great number of years. Let’s not be divided to be ruled, let us all hold our beliefs and be kind to each other x

    • Mairi September 13, 2020 at 11:48 am - Reply

      Joy, you might find this Scottish Government data site helpful now the briefings have gone.
      It has all the up-to-date information. It looks like good news to me, cases increasing yes, but no more deaths and hospital admissions remain very low. Yesterday 12th Sept, there were only 8 people in ICU who have a positive test but the Government stats say that some of these are not being treated for Covid anymore. That all sounds good to me.
      I totally agree about not being divided to rule, hence my concerns about the shaming, blaming and censorship going on. I feel that it’s healthy to listen to a variety of opinions. In so doing we can be sure we aren’t missing something that might be important, though only a few see it. X

  2. Tom McCardel September 16, 2020 at 4:26 pm - Reply

    Totally agree with you. In particular the fact that infection rates are now being treated the way in which deaths were back in March / April. What would be really informative and illuminating and would dispel fear to a large extent would be weekly league tables showing the number of deaths to COVID…and prostate cancer, breast cancer, stroke, heart attack, influenza etc.
    If you want people to TAKE responsibility you have to GIVE them responsibility and that implies that truth and clarity are inviolable

    • Mairi September 20, 2020 at 11:33 am - Reply

      Yes Tom, I’m afraid the fear is being perpetuated which I find very sad especially when our Government could actually help reassure people and help them get it all in context. I have long thought that it would be helpful to publish the information you suggest as well as people’s risk according to underlying illnesses and age. Then we could all make more rational decisions. It’s as if they have committed to an approach come what may, whatever the cost, which is very sad and horribly destructive for so many people who will suffer greatly. I feel enough harm has been done. As a medical friend of mine said “the cure is turning out to worse than the disease.” X

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