We belong to an interconnected whole that supports life.

“Gray whales play an important role in the Arctic ecosystem due to their unique style of bottom-feeding. They create gigantic mud plumes that re-suspend large volumes of nutrients, which in turn enrich life on the seafloor and bring a bounty of bottom-dwelling crustaceans to the surface for seabirds to feast on.”

Center for Biological Diversity

10 years ago I stood to attention. Instructed to get into lines, equally spaced and ordered, my fellow participants and I obeyed the rules and marched. We turned right, we turned left, we did as we were told.

I wanted to run off screaming.

Next, given minimal instructions we then played a different game. This one had us move as one whole system interconnected and interdependent on the participation of each other member. 

It was beautiful.

Those games have stuck in my mind for the last 10 years. The confined controlled military orders totally outranked by the beautiful synergistic dance of interconnection. 

When I look at our world I see this dance of interconnectedness everywhere. From the grey whales in the artic ocean to the single cell bacteria in my gut, each playing its vital role in the harmonious waltz which gives and sustains life on our planet.

Everything has a place, has a purpose, has a part to play in the health and wellbeing of the whole.

We are interconnected. 

All our lives are dependant on something, somewhere or someone else. Without these friends and helpers life would cease to exist.

How often do I, do you, do we, stop to appreciate and thank this wonderment that is life on earth?

Take a moment to practice gratitude.

It is a revolutionary act in this insane world and a great way to practice Radical Self Care.


John Muir quote