Coping with a storm

I have watched the little birch tree in my garden bend and sway coping with a storm, but I have felt a mighty oak weather one.

One day the weather matched my mood. A huge storm was raging outside and the one inside felt like it could break me. Family concerns were tearing me apart and I could not get a grip of myself.

Out I went thinking that the maybe the storm would help blow my troubles way, it kinda did!

Couldn’t cope anymore

Near where I live is a small hillock by a pond. Along this hillock grow several oak trees and this is where I headed. The wind was screaming through the branches blowing leaves all over the place and my internal world felt a match for this ferocity. With my back against a large tree I screamed out to the world that I couldn’t cope any more, it was all too much, I needed help.

As I cried out I felt something, a weird feeling I’ve never encountered before. The might oak was moving. Here leaning up against its trunk I could feel it swaying.

 In a second I was transported from my misery into the here and now.

Mighty forces

I could see the branches bending wildly in the winds but this feeling was awesome. Despite it’s enormous size and strength it had to give, to bend with the mighty forces of nature. My answer.

I had to give rather than break.

As I contemplated this I sat down and came in for a greater shock still. The whole ground was moving. In order to weather this particularly storm the whole tree right down to it’s roots was being moved.

Those roots

Those roots must be something else to hold this huge tree through such a massive onslaught. They must spread and reach down and be very secure to cope with this.

So, I’m sure it will not surprise you to know that roots became my focus. My own particular family storm would go on, I didn’t know for how long so maybe the key was to look at my roots.

  • What is that keeps me anchored firmly in the here and now?
  • How can I remain standing upright and strong?
  • What helps me hold on tight when things up top are tough?

Coping with a storm

If we want to cope with our storms we need to know the answers. What are the things which feed and nurture us? What helps stay sane. For me the roots that help me cope in a storm include:

  • Good quality rest and sleep.
  • Eating well.
  • The solid reliable support of deep friendships.
  • Finding and using other support systems particular to the difficulties I am in.
  • Meditation.
  • Practicing mindfulness.
  • Using EFT regularly.
  • Being out in nature.
  • Moving my body through swimming, walking or yoga.
  • Easing my past emotional and psychological strife.
  • Being creative.
  • Time alone.

The outside stuff, the leaves and branches of life can be blown away, it is our roots which hold us steady. I remember the little Christmas tree I met on one of my walks, how big and strong it’s root had become to hold it in place. We need strong roots too.

What are the roots which hold you steady in life?

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