Hope –  takes 4 mins to read, plus 8 mins to watch the very informative videos.

“Today, human civilisation is drowning in a sea of lies.”

L. Neil Smith

Fuck it

It takes a lot of effort to research and write these blogs and quite honestly I suspect it has largely been futile. The consequences of the pandemic response are like a runaway train, out of control and hurtling towards an uncertain but likely unfortunate end.

Consequently I have almost run out of steam trying to share yet another view to that of the mainstream. I now have part of me crying out, “fuck it, they’ve all had the vaccine now, what’s the point, leave them to it.” If I listened I could just orientate fully towards the life on earth I want to support and forget about it. If only!


However, I care. I care deeply about this planet and all it’s creatures, including humans. I also have a flame of hope that seems to be impossible to extinguish 💚.

This pandemic pandemonium, to me, is just another illustration of how far we have strayed from living aligned with nature. I do not distinguish between my previous concerns about the ecological crisis we face and how I feel about the approach to dealing with this virus. They are all part of the same problems that have taken us away from living healthy, happy lives where we take care of ourselves and our planet.

To me the fear soaked over-reaction to this virus is more of the same mess, the same polluting of the planet with plastic and poisons, the exploitation, corporate greed, political game playing and creeping loss of democracy that we already faced.

By capitulating to the pandemic dictates we have collectively enabled and supported even more destructive agendas to be advanced. The paradigm of separation, power over and extraction that is destroying our planet has been strenghtened.

Restoration and regeneration

I believe in restoration and regeneration of our human and the planet’s health. The current system does not support this. It encourages domination of life on earth by big corporations and foundations pursuing their destructive agendas. This is what created this truly tragic pandemic response. They have dominated the narrative for their own ends. It was never about human health.

We now live in a totalitarian state and face and ever increasing dystopian future. Unless of course more of us choose something else.


So much harm has been perpetrated on people and the planet in the name of this virus with a 99% plus survival rate.

How did they get us all to buy into the idea that an experimental vaccine with a so called 95% survival rate would be better than our own 99% effective natural immunity?

How far we have strayed from Mother Nature and all her wisdom.


Science as we know is rarely if ever settled. It should be rigorously researched and throughly examined before it’s results are unleashed on the earth. Sadly this has not been the case. Expert options and scientific research has been censored in order to bring the masses one view and one view only. An experimental vaccine technology is the only way out of this – right? Who does this really support?

We have largely been denied access to anything which counters the mainstream narrative, why?

Short and Simple

Below I have shared some short and simple expert views of our situation. There are links for deeper exploration and more on my Exploring the Pandemic page. I am sorry if this makes for uncomfortable watching and listening, but discomfort is part of change and change we must if there is to be any hope for something better in the future.

Dr. Peter McCullough  – 4 min extract below taken from a longer and more in depth interview.

Dr. Byram Bindle on masks – 3mins

Radio Interview

The Richie Allen Show interview with Dr. Roger Hodkinson – listen from 29.45 mins to 1.31 hr.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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