This workshop is open to everyone over 18. 

It’s all too easy to leave our self care to last, if we do it at all. Everything else gets in the way, seems more important, and uses up all our time. Draining our cup like this can lead to feeling overwhelmed, worn out and unable to cope.

In a world that tells us it’s selfish, self centred and indulgent, self care is a radical act. Here at Change is Always Possible Mairi supports you to engage in this revolutionary practice because she believes, it not only changes your life, it has a positive impact on the whole world.

Consider this, healthier happier people create healthier happier homes, healthier happier families, communities and countries. When we practice Radical Self Care we help create a happier healthier world.

“There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling leaves and remember that it is enough to be taken care of by myself.”

Brian Andreas

The Workshop:

In this safe, gentle and supportive space we will explore:

  • how self care or lack of it, affects our lives.
  • assess our current level of self care.
  • and work out how to make it better.

Leave this workshop feeling more positive, confident and convinced that practicing self care is a radical requirement for life.

“That was a beautiful workshop, thank you.”

“The workshop was fab!”

“Simply put … I loved it!”

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