Radical Self Care

Radical Self Care

Healing ourselves and our planet.

Radical Self Care is for all of us who want to play our part in healing the mess we are in here on planet Earth. It is based on the premise that if we live simpler, calmer more deeply connected lives where we take better care of ourselves, we will automatically start to take better care of our planet. 

Radical Self Care (RSC) is for you if:

  • Your life is so busy you have no time or energy to do anything more.
  • You feel overwhelmed because it all seems so urgent
  • You are already engaged but trying to do too much.
  • You know you are on track and committed but you struggle to keep going.


Radical Self Care will help you to:

  • Calm down, to simplify and to create deeper connections in your life.
  • Find your unique purpose so you can share it with the world.
  • Live and work in a self sustaining way.
  • Fuel your work in  the world with love and joy.


RSC is rooted in a wider definition of self.

Instead of seeing our ourselves as individuals contained within the bodies we inhabit, we extend that sense of self out in ever widening circles.

We come to understand that we live nested within spheres of influence and interconnectedness. We belong not only to ourselves but within our families, groups of friends, our communities, culture, nation and ultimately the planet.

Radical self care

Radical Self Care understands that what we do to one affects the others. Therefore when we engage in RSC we do so in the knowledge that:

  • How we care for our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social and environmental wellbeing affects not only us but all the circles in which we belong; our larger self.


  • What we put out there be it poisonous chemicals, self-loathing, anger or love will affect the world in which we live, which in turn affects us, we are interconnected.


Many of us know that something has to be done about the way the human race is living on planet Earth. There is an urgency now about the changes we need and how we might implement them. 

It is easy to feel impotent in the face of the mounting environmental disasters, resource depletion, injustices and climate chaos. We know that much of what needs done will require brave and courageous law makers, politicians and big businesses to act. So far there is limited evidence of this.

This is why Radical Self Care believes the place to start is with ourselves.

When we are full to the brim with self care it creates an internal abundance which starts to over flow. This excess becomes available to share and we find we have the capacity to take part in the healing of our world.

The better we feel the more able we are to step into the power and potential we have. We fully align with our authentic self, we engage with our purpose; the unique part we have to play in the Great Turning to a sustainable way of life on Earth for all. 

Currently many of us live frantic busy lives, trying to do it all. There’s way too much going on and life has become a plate spinning, ball juggling one person wild circus act we barely cope with. On top of all this we feel concerned about the state of the planet and live with a gnawing feeling that we should be doing more. 

Eventually this state of affairs can lead to ill heath either physical, mental or both. We have stressed our system to capacity and something has to give. 

This is our wake-up call. 

Our emotional and physical dis-ease are the sign posts showing us something, somewhere is out of whack. 

Our feelings of anger, sadness, overwhelm or even being numb to it all, although valid responses to busy lives and distressing world events, will often be fuelled by unresolved issues in our own lives. 

The combination of all this results in ill health. Just like the planet we belong to, our systems fail, our bodies are polluted and the eco-system we are, is no-longer in balance and harmony.

We therefore practice RSC not only to save ourselves but to save our planet. We understand the interconnectedness of all things and that by healing what ails us we bring healing to the whole world.

As we recover from the madness of modern life and the other conditions that created the mess we were in, we find ourselves getting clear about what we CAN do to make a difference. We understand how important the part we have to play in healing our world actually is. The time, energy and enthusiasm to get on with it becomes available.

I cannot do all the good that the world needs. 

But the world needs all the good that I can do.”

Jana Stanfield

Radical self care

Are you ready to take the plunge and dive into this abundant, rich and joyful world of Radical Self Care?

As part of my own RSC I am currently on an extended break from social media, in particular Facebook, so I am therefore grateful for any help you can offer to spread the word about Radical Self Care. 

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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