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Let go

Could you be a Chinese farmer?

I love this story. My mind is extremely adept at judging everything, assessing it’s merit or not and thinking it knows what’s going on all the time. When I apply the Chinese Farmer attitude to my life there is an easing up, a relaxing that takes place. I let go of trying to predict all

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The Dalai Lama is showing us how to do Radical Self Care

In the video I’ve posted below the Dalai Lama is showing us how to do Radical Self Care. All of this video is important but what I’d most like you to listen to is the first 2 mins. The title of this video is not the sort that would normally draw me in but for

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Unhitch from Facebook

How to unhitch from Facebook; it’s not as simple as you think.

Deciding to unhitch from Facebook or to break the chains and leave any other social media may not be as simple as you think; be prepared. Fashion a plan I suggest you fashion a plan, an exit strategy which allows for a graceful bowing out. I say this because once you’ve gone, you’ve gone.  You

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Coming Off Facebook

Coming Off Facebook – Awareness, Discomfort, Freedom

The short answer to why I have come off Facebook is rooted in these questions: What is most important to you in your life? What do you value? What are your passions? What brings your life meaning? In a nutshell Facebook was taking me away from what matters most to me in life. Trying to

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