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More Low Sugar Treats

More recipe requests prompted this blog post. I attended a wonderful Forest Gardening course at the weekend, hosted by Kintaline Farm and run by Ludwig of Earth Ways. These sort of thing usually involved shared lunches, and lots of tea and biscuits which can be a bit of a problem for me as I don’t

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Sugar – tips tools and truth to help you change your relationship to the white stuff.

I have had a love-hate relationship with sugar for years. It began in childhood shaking the white stuff over margarine slathered slices of bread after school, buying big bags of penny buns last thing on a Saturday when they were cheap and  rushing to the sweetie shop with my pocket money to stare in awe

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Why I no longer offer a “free” gift for signing up to my mailing list.

Much of our world is based on exchange be it monetary or some other way of giving to get. Capitalism in particular has honed this belief so strongly that many now expect such returns for almost everything they do. We are loosing our connection to something more powerful and enduring that operates in the world

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Oatcake Recipe

I was asked if I could share the Oatcake recipe mentioned in my post Changing The World One Oatcake At A Time. This recipe comes from a book my Mum gave me when she moved home a few years ago. Recipes from Scotland by F. Marian McNeill, This book holds a special place in my heart,

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Changing The World One Oatcake At A Time.

I started to write about making my own oatcakes and out came all this! Several times over the last few months I have heard things which alarmed me, information which suggests the global collapse is upon us, disaster imminent. I freaked out.  I felt I couldn’t cope with the information, I have no reference points for

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Raw Recipes

The Food Doldrums Reversed by Raw Inspiration

I hit the food doldrums recently. I’m sure you know the place, it’s when your ability to produce lovely healthy nutritious meals stagnates, stalls or stops altogether. It feels impossible to get any meal together never mind a good one. My yo yo nemesis of becoming too busy, starting to feel tired, ignoring it for a

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Low Sugar Treats

Following on from last night’s screening of That Sugar Film, as requested, I’m sharing the recipes for the two snacks I brought. Blueberry Bites These are based on a recipe in That Sugar Book called Blueberry Cocoa Clusters. Once you understand the basic recipe you can play around with the ingredients to suite your taste. This

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Adaptable Raw Pad Thai

I absolutely love this recipe and could happily eat it three times a day. My mouth waters at the thought of the lime juice, nuts, garlic and ginger combo, it’s one of my favourite’s of all time. Unfortunately my family do not feel the same way about it, which is why I made myself a gigantic

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Quick and Easy Protein Snack

This recipe is easy peasy. I took these protein packed snacks on my walk this week and enjoyed them with a cup of rooibos tea. They are great way to have a little protein boost to keep you going between meals. I usually make a batch and keep them in the fridge for those moments

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Change Is Always Possible

Beet Kvass an Easy Introduction to Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are an excellent addition to your diet if you are healing from some illness or simply seeking good robust health. The world of ferments, however, is complex and can seem daunting so I thought I’d introduce you to this simple and easy drink, Beet Kvass. It’s packed with nutrients as well being fermented so

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