I am walking the shoreline of Loch Creran on the West Coast of Scotland. This is a personal challenge which I hope will also be inspiring, you can read more about it here.

The blazing sunshine of this walk seems very far away as I sit here with thick socks and a jumper on watching continuous drizzle outside. How things can change.

View back up the loch.

View back up the loch.

I walked this walk several weeks ago but have not been able to put it high enough up my to do list to write it till now. I actually don’t have masses to say about this walk, partly because it’s a while since I did it but mainly because it was largely an immersion in nature, more so possibly than any other walk.

So I’ve decided to largely let it speak for itself through the photos I’ve taken, with the odd little bit of commentary.


The beginning of this walk was stunning, down past the farmer’s field then along the shore following the farmer’s track and past the gravel spit.


Stunning reflections.

I continued along the farm track. I think it’s there so the farmer can check up on his cows, evidence from which lay along the way.

Everywhere I looked was beautiful.

Everywhere I looked was stunning.


A timeless clock.

The rocks of Loch Creran never cease to amaze me. The evidence of the immense powers shaping our landscape are everywhere if we look.

I nearly stepped on these! I was enjoying a little detour up into the wonderfully green woods when Mrs Sandpiper shot off her nest at the very last minute. What a honour to see such precious little eggs so close up.IMG_3426

I propped myself up under this huge beech for a while to see if the Sandpiper would return, alas no.

However I did find late primroses and lots of violets some of which I picked for my lunchtime salad.

While lying under the tree I heard the sound of an engine approaching along with fairly loud talking. Eventually a small dingy came in view heading down the loch close by the shore. Once back walking the shore I came across said dingy minus it’s owners. I could see lots of bubbles so I waited and eventually up came two divers. The were visitors to the area searching for the serpulid reefsIMG_3439

Carrying on there was lots more to see, flowers, rocks and this rusty coloured burn.

There was so much to see and delight in.

Looking across the fish farm in the middle of the loch I can see Ben Cruachan in the distance.IMG_3466

As I approach Rubha Garbh I imagine that I will see the ferry slip.  I assumed there would be one. If there is I missed it.  This was one of three ferry points on the loch. On the other side, also called Rubha Garbh, there is now the Quarry pier which I past on Walk 6. On this side I did find what looked like old rails running into the sea by a low wall also running into the sea. I’m guessing that it’s where the ferry came in.

Right at the point I came across this huge pile of chain. Could this be something to do with the old ferry I wonder?


As I round Rubha Grabh point it feels momentous. I am saying goodbye to looking up the loch to the mountains of Glen Creran, new horizons await me.

As my walk came to an end I chanced across what looked like a foot print in the rock. I’m guessing that a geologist would have some interesting explanation but I think it’s something to do with the giants of old crossing the landscape, there’s a tale to tell I’m sure.

I thoroughly enjoyed this walk, simply being in such a stunning landscape pleasure enough, not having many thoughts about anything much at all, just being, pure delight..
























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  1. Seana Smith July 9, 2016 at 4:17 am - Reply

    Fantastic Mairi, I feel so far away when looking at these gorgeous photos. It’s a huge treat to do an armchair walk with you. xx

    • Mairi July 13, 2016 at 11:43 am - Reply

      Thanks Seana, nice to have you along. X

  2. terrie July 9, 2016 at 4:55 pm - Reply

    The photos helped remind me to breathe again. So peaceful, lovely and calming. Thanks!

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