Simple Self Care No.3 – Be Kind, takes less than 3 mins to read.

“Be kind to yourself as you proceed along this journey. This kindness, in itself, is a means of awakening the spark of love within you and helping others to discover that spark within themselves.”

Tsoknyi Rinpoche

Yoga in the 1970’s

I was first introduced to yoga by my Mum. Believe it or not she and a few friends would gather in our living room to do yoga along to a record, or vinyl as my children like to call it nowadays. It was the early 1970’s so my Mum’s front room yoga circle was ahead of the game.

We were forbidden to enter, but knew something interesting and intriguing was going on in there.

Yoga when in need

My first proper introduction to yoga was through the Sivinanda Yoga Centre in London. I attended classes run by a delightful French woman who got stuck in my head for years afterwards, gently encouraging me into poses I never thought my body could do.

Afterwards we would sit in circle and drink herbal tea. I was in my 20’s not very happy and in need of solace, it helped me a lot. Pretty soon I was standing on my head at the drop of a hat!

Self care suggestion

My self care suggestion today is not to take up or even practice yoga it is simply to try this very simple and gentle routine below. Adrienne reminds us to be kind to ourselves, in thought, action and the way we move.

30 day Journey

This practice is part of True a 30 day Journey which Adrienne makes freely available. It’s one of many, you can check them out on Youtube here, or visit her website here.

A friend introduced me to Yoga with Adrienne a few months ago. I love her. She’s kind, funny, encouraging and inspiring all at the same time.

Be kind

And here’s the thing my friends, I do not do it every day. I am following a 30 day journey but it’s taking me much, much longer. In a good week I do it 3 times, other weeks it’s only once.

Who cares? The thing is I do show up on my mat and I do gift myself this type of movement, but I choose to do it in a way which feels kind to myself.

Simple Self care

So again, my simple self care suggestion is to try Adrienne’s Be Kind practice above or choose another one. Or treat yourself to some other very lovely slow, simple movement practice that is not about pushing, achieving or attaining anything. 


When I was very unwell I could not do Yoga as I had before. It was excruciating to feel so debilitated. However, once I got over all that and I accepted my limitations, it was enough to lie on the floor and enjoy a very simple, slow full body stretch. 

Be kind to yourself folks 💚

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“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”



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    What lovely pointers to kind and compassionate self care Mairi,
    Thank you ❤️

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