There is no ‘us’ and ‘them’; it’s an illusion. We are all human beings, and we all have a responsibility to support one another and to discover ways of wresting the power from the very, very few people who control all the cash and all the property.

Roger Waters

The writing below came via a Telegram post, author unknown. Whoever you are, thank you.  A sobering account of the madness we have all been subjected to.


The year people washed their hands with antibacterial hand wash for an airborne virus that isn’t caused by bacteria.

The year people avoided a virus by standing on “stand here stickers”.

The year a virus could get through 3 vaccines but people believed it couldn’t get through their homemade floral mask.

The year people forgot that colds and flu existed and realised they weren’t immortal.

The year thousands of young people developed germophobia, OCD, anxiety, eating disorders, ticks and Tourette’s because of Covid hysteria and measures.

The year a Church of England vicar faced the sack for hugging a mourner and singing without a face mask.

The year people sat in a packed cinema with a mask on which they lifted each time they ate a handful of popcorn – popcorn saves lives.

The year people were told to face the wall when standing in a lift to avoid eye contact and covid.

The year children were used as shields to protect adults.

The year 400 elites flew their private jets to COP26 to preach the world about cutting CO2 emissions.

The year politicians told the public to avoid contact with others but decided the rule didn’t apply to them.

The year healthy children were treated as sick and probed and prodded repeatedly to prove their health.

The year millions around the world were pushed into poverty because of lockdowns.

The year thousands of children around the world were abused behind closed doors during lockdowns.

The year unions, teachers and ministers gathered maskless, cheek to cheek in hundreds and partied like its 1999 in an awards ceremonies, while children were made to wear masks in schools.

The year education became conditional on the politics of the day and children became pawns in political games with the unions.

The year perfectly well children were made to isolate in their bedroom wearing a mask with no parental cuddles or kisses for 10 days, because they tested positive for a virus with 99.8% survival rate for which parents had been jabbed.

The year the failure of a medical product was blamed on those who didn’t take the product.

The year thousands of families and friendships were severed because of polarity of Covid views.

The year schools sent emails to parents each time a child ‘tested positive’ saying ‘please join me in wishing them well’ knowing all too well the child barely had a sniffle and was having a ball attached to devices for 10 days.

The year the opposition had to come from within the ruling party.

The year government officials jetted off on exotic holidays whilst telling the little people to “stay cautious”.

The year hundred year old scientific definitions were rewritten to suit the agenda.

The year billions around the world chose conformity over sanity by doing things they knew all too well made no sense

And finally the year Julian Assange got extradited to the US but Tony Blair the war criminal was knighted.

Please let 2022 see the return of common sense, logic, evidence, proportionality, perspective, humour and living life in love not fear

Happy New Year! Stay human ❤️

That too is my wish for 2022. It’s time to find a new way forward, together, a way that looks after the health of each human being, but also the health of our planet upon which everything depends.

Pandemics will come and go, some of us will fair better than others, so perhaps it would be better to focus on creating healthy, happy lives as closely aligned with nature as possible. After all it is the place we all come from, depend upon and go back to in the end.

“Being human is given. But keeping our humanity is a choice.”



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