I woke up feeling groggy, a bit negative and somewhat overwhelmed this morning.


I got carried away and spent far too long and late working on my website last night and consequently I woke several times during the night thinking about sliders, wording, blog posts etc.  What I realise happened is that I was over stimulated too close to bed time and I did not take action to quieten my mind down before trying to sleep. I did use my sleep inducer audio which got me off to sleep but behind that my mind was racing with ideas and had no intention of stopping for something as piddly and trifling as sleep.

There are many ways to over stimulate our systems caffeine, sugar, worry and stress being the main ones, but over stimulation through doing interesting work, hobbies or pastimes which excite us and fill our minds with ideas, thoughts and plans can be just as problematic.

So what to do when, like me, you got carried away and you wake feeling crap:

  • Drink a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon first thing.
  • Meditate.
  • Juice and/or make a super nutritious breakfast with plenty of protein to help balance your blood sugars.
  • Factor in some rest times during the day ( I mean set and alarm and abide by it).
  • Definitely, definitely  use EFT to clear any negative feelings and thoughts.

And above all else be grateful for the fact that this was self-induced because you were engaged in something you love, how blooming marvellous is that!





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