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How would you like to get started?

EFT is easy and quick to learn. Make yourself comfortable, have a glass of water available and a pen and paper.

Tuning In:

We begin by tuning in to the issue or event we would like to use EFT for.

We suggest you begin with an issue that happened in the last few weeks.

Give this event a name, for example, “Argument with my teenage son.” Write it down.

Tune into that memory and think about how much it still bothers you. Give that emotional intensity a score from 0 to 10, where 0 is no feelings remain and 10 is the most intense you could feel. Write this down.

Let’s say you score 6; tune into this emotion and ask yourself, how do you know it is 6? Where do you feel that emotion in your body? Write this down.

The Set-Up Statement

Now we create a Set-Up Statement. An example might be:
“Even though I had that argument with my son and I feel tension in my stomach every time I think about it, and I regret what I said I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.”
Repeating this set-up statement 3 times we tap on the karate chop point, which is the fleshy part on the side of our hand.


Now we tap around a set of meridian points using the first and second fingers of our preferred hand. We tap lightly several times on each point while we repeat reminder phrases from our set-up statement.


tapping-02 Eyebrow Point:
Tap at the end of your eyebrow nearest to your nose and repeat one phrase from your set-up. For example, “This argument with my son”





Edge of the Eye:
Tap on the outside edge of your eye on the bone, not the temple and repeat, “this tension in my stomach.”




tapping-04 Under the Eye:
Tap on the edge of the bone directly under your eye, and say, “this regret for what I said.”




tapping-05 Under the Nose:
Tap under your nose and repeat, “This argument with my son.”





tapping-06 Chin Point:
Under the bottom lip in the crease of the chin, tap and repeat a phrase, ” this tension in my stomach.”




tapping-07 Collar Bone Point:
Starting with your fingers in the centre of your collar bone, move them down a few centimetres till you find a hollow, now move out to the side to a hollow a few centimetres out. Tapping here repeat another phrase from your set-up statement, “This argument I had with my son.”



tapping-08 Underarm Point:
Using the flat of your hand tap on the side of your body about 10 cm below your armpit, for women this is where your bra strap sits. Repeating, “this regret.”





Top of the Head:
Using our fingers in a claw shape we tap lightly on the crown of the head repeating a reminder phrase. ” this tension in my stomach.”
You can now repeat this round of tapping.



Testing and Checking In:

After completing the tapping take a gentle breath in and out and test.
Has your score changed?

Sometimes it comes down quickly to a zero. If not do some more rounds of EFT.  Sometimes other feelings arise as we tap or some another aspect of the issue presents itself.  You can follow the same procedure and tap on all of these.  And remember drink some water!

Click here for a handy guide to the tapping points.

Persistent or deeper issues may require working with a practitioner.



The EFT information on the website and in this guide is provided in good faith to allow the user to try EFT for themselves, and to spread information about EFT. It represents the ideas and experience of EFT practitioner Mairi Stones. If you use EFT on yourself or others, you are advised to take full responsibility for yourself and the treatment and alway consult a doctor for any physical conditions.