Why did Snowy the rabbit turn up in my tapping?


I recently completed the Vital Mind Re-Set Course. The dietary changes and other protocols were demanding enough, but perhaps more so was dealing with the limiting beliefs which surfaced. Fortunately I have EFT and Matrix Reimprinting in my life which were excellent tools to help me move through these challenges.

During week one I felt worse not better and I hit my fears about it not working, it not making any more difference to my health.  I wanted to give up. I felt like I was getting it all wrong or there was something I wasn’t doing right, so it wouldn’t work for me.

Fortunately, I’ve been around the belief block a few times and I recognise these particular ones for what they are, old outdated ideas I developed in the past. However they can still interfere with my present day living, hence me taking time to tap on them.

Often, when I’m teaching people about how to use EFT I talk about going on a journey, that it can take us to places we never expected. Well that’s what happened to me and I wanted to share it so you know:

  1. It really can happen.
  2. It’s fine when it does
  3. Just keep going
  4. Just keep tapping.

” Put away your skepticism, this really works….I’ve had great results with tapping in my own life.”

Wayne Dyer.

I started tapping about feeling worse instead of better and not believing the programme would work for me. I focused on the sensations in my body connected to those feelings and tapped and tapped. To be honest my skeptic was alive and well and I was not expecting to get anywhere. In addition to that I had an overwhelming urge to lie down and sleep, often a sign of me trying to ignore an emotional issue. I have learned through my recovery from ME/CFS to pay attention to the emotional work rather than just sleep, which usually does not solve anything.

I always write down what I’m thinking and feeling and I found myself saying that I felt like I did when I was first diagnosed with ME/CFS. Obviously I’m not there now, but there was a flavour of it around,  a whisper of something calling to me.

I continued tapping asking myself what it was all about, until I got an image of myself when I was first unwell.  I was having to cancel all the courses and workshops I had lined up. Using Matrix Reimprinting ( a technique which uses tapping ) I went into the memory and I hit all the grief and heartache about giving up my life, feeling like all the things I loved were being taken away from me. As those buried feelings re-surfaced I cried. That was a painful time for me and I obviously still had a lot of emotion about it very much alive in me.

It is these unresolved feelings that leak into today influencing how we feel, think and react to situations. When we find we are over-reacting or we don’t understand why we reacted the way we did,  it may be because it has triggered the energy of emotions stuck in our past.

The feeling of my heat breaking was very strong so I asked myself where I had felt this before. I simply tapped round the points asking where did this heart aching feeling come from?

Within minutes I had an image of my younger self when my pet rabbit Snowy died. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I contacted the loss of my much loved rabbit. I think this was the first major loss in my life, and as you can see that was triggered when thinking about a more current loss. Different kind of loss, same feelings. We talk about daisy chains of events in EFT and this is a good example of that, one event linking back to another and so on.

If you had asked me yesterday how I felt about Snowy dying I would have said fine, it was a long time ago, all in the past now. This is the power of EFT tapping, it helps us reconnect with the feelings we are still carrying around even although we may not know it. Through the tapping we are able to finally release and let them go.

By checking in with my younger self through the tapping I discovered that along side the heartbreaking loss I also felt guilty, like I must have done something wrong ( see the connection to the beginning now?). I believed that it was my fault, that there was something I should have done that would have saved her. I tapped through all of these feelings.

I had the sense I wasn’t done, so I asked where I had learned that I had done something wrong and I got an image of my toddler self all confused about being told off and having no idea what they had done wrong. Ping!!! This work is amazing.

As if all that releasing of emotion and understanding of where the beliefs had come from was not enough I then realised there was something for me to understand about letting go of expectations and opening to what is.

This can happen with EFT. After we have released the emotion, the stress, if you like, we may have cognitive shifts, perhaps as our frontal lobe comes back on line. I love it.

So how do I feel now?

I feel infinitely different about my situation. I realise I need to drop my expectations about this process I am going through and just be with what is. I’m not doing anything wrong and I am definitely doing everything right in terms of what is suggested, I simply do not yet know what the end result will be.

The younger me sitting in the chair feeling heart broken did not know just what riches were in store through recovering from ME/CFS.  So too, I cannot know what going through this current healing work will bring.

So let go Mairi, the usual message!  Stop projecting, drop all expectations and just be here now, with what is.

So there you go, deciding to go on an EFT journey is an adventure which can open and release things you never even realised were still alive and affecting you today.

Give it a go.

Start where you are today and follow the threads as they present themselves, no matter how odd or unconnected they may seem, there is healing in there for you.

You can find a tapping guide here. Good luck and please let me know how you get on.

“EFT is the most powerful new transformational technology to come along in years.”

Jack Canfield – Chicken Soup for the Soul.


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