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Why I no longer offer a “free” gift for signing up to my mailing list.

Much of our world is based on exchange be it monetary or some other way of giving to get. Capitalism in particular has honed this belief so strongly that many now expect such returns for almost everything they do. We are loosing our connection to something more powerful and enduring that operates in the world

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Does judging others cause you more harm than good?

Did you see what she did? I can’t believe he said that? He’s so………. She’s a………. They’re…….. On and on it goes, that little voice inside passing judgement on others, their choices and behaviours, what they think, feel and say. We act like we know better and somehow we have the upper hand. It’s a

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Unless we look we may not even see the bars of the cages which confine us the expectations that actually rule our lives. They may be so embedded in us from our childhoods that they have become how we operate in the world. We are no-longer aware of our cage. Layered on top of all

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A new approach to anxiety and depression

Blow Your Own Trumpet – Part Three

After making our lists someone in my group, see Blow Your Own Trumpet – Part One, suggested we blow our own trumpets. “We could read our lists to each other and then tell each other something we are good at or have achieved or are proud of, Blow our own trumpet’s.” Argh! A cringe took

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Change Is Always Possible

Blow Your Own Trumpet – Part Two

Following on from Part One,  I want to encourage us all to blow our own trumpets more. Sitting in that group last week listening to how amazing and talented we all are I marvelled, and I realised these things: We are not being arrogant or self-important when we blow our own trumpet if we are

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Blow Your Own Trumpet – Part One

First thought…………….Cringe!!! So long as we continue to associate blowing our own trumpet with being boastful or big headed, full of ourselves and showing off we will continue to hide, belittle, excuse and minimise who we are and what we are capable of in the world. I belong to a support group which loosely follows

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A Time for Giving Thanks.

I can’t believe how many people wrinkle their noses when I ask if they like this time of year; if they are looking forward to Christmas? “Not really,” they shrug. How sad that we have this opportunity for a mid-winter celebration and yet so many, like me, would rather not be facing it at all.

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