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help save our planet

5 Positive Ways to Help Save The Planet

Reading time: 3 minutes It may feel like an impossible task, but together we are far more powerful than we ever imagine, we CAN help save the planet. 1. Stay informed Keep in touch with the problems on our planet. Try to find a balance between staying awake and aware but avoid becoming so overwhelmed

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Self care at work

Taking a break – the lost art of self-care at work.

Self care at work may seem like an alien concept in a world which values busyness. It is however, a necessary part of our collective transformation and contribution to healing our planet. Tired all the time Recent conversations with some friends revealed how they feel tired all the time. They put it down to work.

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Roman Emperors

We live like Roman Emperors

We live like Roman Emperors addicted to our luxurious lives of consumption, regardless of the cost. A heartbreaking mess My Dad was an alcoholic. At first he just drank, then he drank some more, then he drank heavily, eventually he drank all the time. It killed him in the end. Addiction is an illness of

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for the sake of our children

For the sake of our children

We need to overcome our fears and take action now, for the sake of our children. Abuses My parents engaged in relentless arguments and battles while I was growing up. She nit picked away at him, he criticised back, both nasty. Sometimes it descended into domestic violence, something no child should ever have to witness.

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What the f___ is going on?

What the f___ is going on? I am very curious about this question. Why do so many people like pages and make comments on Facebook, tweet away on twitter, sign on-line petitions and join mailing lists? What do they think is the point? This pseudo sort of activism, armchair action, has little or no substance

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What hope is there?

What hope is there Having written several pieces about the climate emergency, protested, written to MP’s and local councillors, run workshops, attended trainings and more, I am wondering; what hope is there? My conclusion is; not a lot. I find myself in a very reflective and contemplative place wondering whether to bother anymore. Hippie thing

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Diet judgements aren’t helpful on an ailing planet.

Diet Judgements Having just explained to someone that it’s easier if I just provide my own lunch, I find myself thinking about why diet judgements aren’t helpful on an ailing planet. We live in a world saturated with ideas about what makes a healthy, morally correct or planet saving diet. Allegiance to particular diets has become

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Change Is Always Possible

The Zombie Apocalypse has arrived

Walking through a park in Edinburgh recently I came across a scene which made me feel like I’d landed in a Zombie Apocalypse. Surrounded by trees, a loch full of swans, ducks quacking and dappled sunlight cascading through brilliant green leaves, I felt a tremor of fear. Staring at screens To the left of me

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What is META Consciousness and how can it help you?

“Like any other major experience, illness actually changes us.  How?  Well for one thing we are temporarily relieved from the pressure of meeting the world head on.  We enter a world of introspection and self-analysis. We think soberly, perhaps for the first time, about our past and future. Illness gives us that rarest thing in the world–a second chance, not

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Ecological grief

Ecological grief and how to process it

“The darkness we enter when we are overwhelmed by the swell of grief is a place of belonging” Francis Weller, The Wild Edge of Sorrow The Dodo When I was a young child we visited a museum where I came across a stuffed Dodo in a glass cage. Back I went again and again staring

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