Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple yet effective

approach to clearing emotional distress.

Unresolved emotional issues,  limiting beliefs and negative patterns of thinking and behaving may all be relieved using EFT.  It is also used for physical conditions where emotional stress can hinder the natural healing ability of the body.

Gary Craig the founder of EFT states that:

“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”

EFT works on this disruption by using a combination of modern psychology and Chinese acupressure.  Talking is used to help us tune in to the emotional distress which is then cleared using finger tapping on a set of meridian points.

EFT is the self-help tool at your finger tips, literally.

EFT is quick and simple to learn providing us with a great way to deal with everyday stresses and strains.  It also enables us to clear the negative impact from deeper issues in our past where the emotional charge still affects us in the present day.  These more complex and persistent issues may require the assistance of a qualified practitioner.

Clinical trials are demonstrating that EFT is an effective therapeutic tool for phobias, anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, pain and a host of other problems.  You can find out more on my EFT Resources and Research page. It is also the tool people often turn to where nothing else seems to have worked.

Take your emotional and physical healing into your own hands.

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