Hands up who has never ever said they are stressed.

Ok, maybe you don’t call it that,  maybe you feel:

Low energy
Stomach problems
Tension in our muscles
Chest pain or rapid heartbeat
Trouble sleeping
Excessive sweating
Clenching our jaw or grinding our teeth.

According to the NHS:

“You may feel anxious, irritable or low in self esteem, and you may have racing thoughts,  worry constantly or go over things in your head.  You may notice that you lose your temper more easily,  drink more or act unreasonably.”

If you find yourself saying or feeling like you can’t cope,  everything is too much,  you are overwhelmed,  burnt out and can’t see a way out of your current situation;

 I think we can safely say you are stressed.

StressStress affects us at so many different levels but perhaps worst is the toll it can take on your physical and mental health if left unchecked; here speaketh one who knows!

Long term high levels of stress and anxiety were a large part of the story of how I ended up with ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I am now well on my way to recovering from this condition, yea!  As a consequence have learned a huge amount about dealing with,  managing and even eliminating stress from my life.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms,  or you just know stress is at the route of your issues,  take action now.  The internet is full of websites offering advice and information and is a good place to start,  but if you would like a more personal approach why not book a free Change Is Always Possible Consultation where we can discuss what is going on for you and how I can help.


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