Earlier in the year I planted some turmeric. It’s all the rage isn’t it?  So trying to grow my own seemed like a good idea.

Mmmm, seems twas not to be.

Nothing happened and nothing happened. Of course, I was tempted to dig around and see; was anything actually going on below the surface, any sprouts yet, anything at all.

Strong as the urge was I resisted.

Then one day a little seedling appeared. I knew it wasn’t turmeric, but what was it? I decided to let it grow and find out.

I still don’t know, but it looks like something from the squash/marrow/courgette gang, and even if nothing else happens she is a magnificent specimen, wouldn’t you agree?

If I had tossed the lot because nothing was happening, or dug around impatiently trying to find out, or even pulled up the thing which so obviously shouldn’t be there I would have missed out on this pleasure.

These flowers are extraordinary, the plant a marvel, and what might yet come to be, who knows, it’s an exciting mystery.


So moral of the story:

Sometimes if we just wait a little longer and we let go of what “should” be happening the most unexpected and incredible things may grow and flourish.


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