Lying to children takes approx 6 mins to read. I thought I was done with writing about the pandemic, but lying to children has me typing away again.

“It’s like pretending to be Santa and then stabbing someone with a candy cane!” 

J.B. Stanley

We all lie to children

We tell little white lies, so called, to distinguish them from the whoppers we also tell? Apart from the obvious racial implications of such language, there is also the whole moral issue to consider. When is lying to children acceptable and when is it not?

We seem to find the mythical and mystical lies acceptable, Santa and the Tooth Fairy being considered pretty harmless. However there are other lies, ones we abhor? These are the ones told by predatory adults who seek to manipulate, brainwash, gaslight and coerce our children into harms way.

How do you feel when you hear about adults using and abusing children for their own ends, when you discover the perverted and distorted ways in which children are manipulated into dangerous and abusive situations?

I feel angry and it is why I am writing this blog.

What would possess anyone?

This sort of lying to children is happening on a global scale right now. I’m not talking about the child trafficking and sex abuse rings, horrifying as they are, no, I’m talking about the Covid-19 vaccines.

Children are being directly targeted with lies and misinformation to persuade them that the Covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective and something they need to take.


Except it isn’t.  

When you consider the trickery that has been used throughout this pandemic to persuade sensible adults to behave in insane ways, it makes anything seem possible now, including this.

But even so, what on earth would possess anyone to allow their child to be injected with an experimental mRNA procedure never before tested on humans, still in trials and with no long term safety data?

Surely only more lies. 

They do not need it

Most children never get Covid-19, a few have mild symptoms. In fact, in Scotland 3 children 14 years and under have died WITH Covid in the whole pandemic. In England and Wales the number is 15. That is a total of 18 children who had died WITH Covid since March 2020 to date. All these children were already, sadly, severely unwell.

Let that sink in. 18 children under the age of 14, who had severe underlying health issues died WITH Covid-19. That is it!

As we know the vaccine research protocols never set out to prevent disease. They were focused on reducing deaths and severe illness. Which means that , even with the vaccine, you can still get it and still transmit it. Taking the vaccine can only, at best, mitigate the severity of Covid-19, for the individual who has the jab.

Our children are not at risk of severe disease so what possible reason could there be to vaccinate them?

None of course, unless you are buying into the misconception that taking these vaccines protects others. Any adults wanting children to be given an experiment in order to “protect” themselves are in my opinion bordering on abusive. Masking them all day is bad enough without adding another layer of cruelty.

CBBC Lying to children

Worse still the BBC is actively promoting this lie by allowing people like Professor Devi Sridhar to tell children the vaccine is 100% safe. Her CBBC Newsround appearance is one of the most blatant and dangerous pieces of propaganda I have seen in the last year.

There are no 100% safe vaccines. Check out the Yellow Card Reports for adverse reactions. They are definitely not 100% safe Devi. 

This programme is being shown in schools!

She also implies that the side effects are nothing to worry about and tells them that once they have had the vaccine they won’t need to worry about Covid-19 anymore.


There, there, children, take this magic jab and all your concerns will go away. Aunty Devi will wave her wand and make you all safe. A fairy tale in the making if ever there was one.

“The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them. “

Elena Gorokhova

Adverse reactions

The MHRA has said there have been no additional adverse reactions found in children. Does that mean all the rest might be found? Could they end up with blood clots, strokes, heart problems, blindness, or even dead? There is already concern over heart inflammation in young people given the vaccine in the USA. 

Are we really going to let the pharmaceutical giants and those in the pay of them, and their charitable foundations experiment on our children?

Exploiting adults who have had the opportunity to research and investigate for themselves is one thing, but children…come on folks, please…this is ludicrous and dangerous. 

Do more research

Please, please do more research. A Japanese study found the spike protein accumulating in the ovaries. What does this mean? Could it affect infertility as some experts fear? We simply do not know yet.

Should we take that risk with our children and their future?

If you have any concerns or doubts at all regarding vaccinating our young please act, be brave, take a stand, do not let fear stop you protecting them from potential harm. 

Here are some links which might help you investigate further and a petition to sign if you feel we need to wait.

“Lying is a cooperative act. Think about it. A lie has no power whatsoever by its mere utterance. Its power emerges when someone else agrees to believe the lie.”

Pamela Meyer


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