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How do we change the world? Change the story.

Charles Eisenstein


“Oh yea, you’re an antivaxxer.”

“Mm…No, I’m not. I am someone who has concerns about vaccine safety and who chooses to take care of her health in more natural ways,”

“But you didn’t vaccinate your children.”

“Yes, but that doesn’t make me anti-vaccines.”

So started a recent conversation with a friend. As we talked some more, her shoulders relaxed, her stance changed and she admitted she’d only had the vaccine because of pressures at work. She didn’t really want to take it. Sadly she is not alone.

Divide and Separate

Anti-vax labels are being used to dismiss what certain people have to say about our current situation. It’s a derogatory term, most likely invented by the vaccine industry to divide and separate us.

Declining the vaccine invitation means at best your are seen as stupid at worst you are deemed unsafe or even dangerous.  Before you know it refuseniks will need a bell to announce their unclean status.

Ok, that’s probably a bit ridiculous but what is a vaccine passport if it’s not a way to segregate and discriminate? This sort of othering behaviour is alarming because it can lead to dehumanising with all its associated abhorrent possibilities.

Call it out

In an article titled Dehumanizing always starts with language, Brene Brown explains how this division happens and the terrible ills that can flow from it.

“The point is that we are all vulnerable to the slow and insidious practice of dehumanizing, therefore we are all responsible for recognizing it and stopping it.”

Brene Brown

Calling someone anti-vax is a form of dehumanising.  I am calling it out. Sometimes the minority have something important to say. Closing down the conversation may serve the interests of certain groups, let’s say corporations, but it may not be best for the rest of us.

Holocaust survivors

Using labels like this is disrespectful to all the people who have had a child harmed by vaccines, or those like me, who have researched over many years, and eventually made a decision that happens to be different from the norm.

It’s not for nothing that survivors of the Holocaust are crying out just now, warning us about what is happening. This is not about the virus anymore and they know it.

92 Year Old Holocaust Survivor Brings Crowd To Tears

Holocaust survivor Kitty Werthmann’s entire speech

Medical Apartheid

The State of Israel became the first country to roll out the new medical apartheid model based on vaccination status. It’s not a yellow star worn on their coat this time, it’s a green pass carried in their pocket on a smart phone.

The threat of such a system, along with an aggressive advertising campaign, was sufficient to mop up most of the population into the experimental programme.

How much of this was actually about the health of that nation and how much about the manufacturing and data collection deal the Israeli Government struck with Pfizer?We may never know.

Threats and fear

Threats and fear have driven this whole virus hysteria. First it was the fear of dying, then the fear of even getting the virus. Next came the fear of cases and long Covid, followed by everyone needing the vaccine to get us all back to “normal”.  Now there are fears related to what the vaccines passports will mean, and finally bringing up the rear the ever looming fear of variants.

When will it ever end?

Not normal

Despite the apparent miracle of vaccines we remain stuck behind masks, 6 feet apart, still told to be scared. This is not normal and it does not makes sense for an illness with, as the Government said, a 99.9% survival rate, for anyone over 40, WITHOUT a vaccine.

So what is the vaccine all about? Could it be more about profits, passports and digital control?


Those who write about tyranny will tell you confusion is part of any good dystopian plan. Give then take away, promise then renege, wear down and confuse with a myriad of regulations. It all make us more likely to accept whatever morsel of apparent hope is on offer. Over time we can be persuaded to view those who won’t comply as problematic. We can then more easily do them harm.

All about the messenger

Even suggesting there is some sinister game at play can have us labelled as cranks and extremists. This very conveniently takes the focus off the message and places it on the messenger.

What if the messenger has something valid and important to say? We can’t easily find out anymore because the narrative is being controlled by those who does not want us to hear any other opinions.

Sadly this is the stuff of dictatorships. No deviation from the “party” line is currently allowed.

Extreme and dangerous

Imagine if your socialists views were now deemed communist, or your conservative ideals fascist. You are no longer taken seriously and are excluded from debate because you are now labelled too extreme and dangerous.

These sort of witch hunts have happened before and here we are again.

Harmful practice

I am not anti-vax, it’s not a label I subscribe to and I won’t wear it.  Any “badge” which plans to single me out, segregate me or tries to suggest I am a threat to others is wrong.

I am someone with very valid questions about vaccine safety, in particular these experimental injections. My concerns have come from listening to other experts, the ones currently being  censored.

The Freedom Rally in London on Saturday clearly shows I am not alone.

Please research beyond the headlines. Check out my Exploring the Pandemic page, things may not be as the mainstream media would have you believe.

“Freedom does not come from capitulating to tyranny, it comes from challenging it.”

Mairi Stones


Disclaimer: The views expressed here, in blog posts and on the website Change Is Always Possible are those of the author Mairi Stones alone, and do not represent the views of any associated bodies. We do not diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. Information provided in this blog is not intended to substitute advice, treatment and/or diagnosis from qualified medical and nutritional professionals.

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