I’ve been listening to the Heal Your Gut Summit on-line and need no more convincing that our digestion is the key to good health. Poor gut health and inflammation lie at the root of so many of the diseases and illness we experience both mentally and physically.

The more I listen to theses cutting edge experts talk about what they know about digestion and it’s impact on the health of our whole body the harder it becomes to eat the sort of diet which has become the norm.

I often feel like I’m swimming up stream against a tidal wave of junk. Every where I go there it is, food which will make you ill, it’s everywhere, the wheat, dairy, sugar laden delights we’ve become addicted to.

Brazil nut and raw veg pate.

Brazil nut and raw veg pate.

When something is all pervasive like that it’s easy to end up sucked in. It’s hard being the odd one out all the time and trying to maintain something which is counter culture is a challenge. This is why listening to talks or podcasts, reading books and watch films about healing and healthy lifestyles is so important to me, it’s my way of getting support to stay on track with what I believe about healthy eating.

I love cooking but sometimes fall into the doldrums and find it hard to think about what to cook. I lived with the current paradigm long enough for it to still be my default. This new way of eating is something I am hard wiring into my brain. That’s why I am so grateful to be able to listen to this Summit, I feel revitalised and renewed.

So, dinner chez nous this evening was my kinda food. I can feel my body, brain and gut singing.

Veg sticks to dip in:
Home made raw veg and nut pate.
Home made chicken liver pate.
Bought Humous.
Salad – red cabbage, onion, blood orange, kale, parsley and sesame seeds, dressed with apple cider vinegar and olive oil.
Fermented veg.
Rice and red kidney beans.
Corn chips.

Lots of choice for the teens and leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.

My pièce de résistance mango chia pudding following this recipe and guess what? One of my teens loved it. Yo!


Mango chia pudding.


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