Don’t give up on your goals yet?

When we decide something needs to change in our lives we are far more likely to achieve it if we set ourselves a goal. But you probably already know that!

Did you know that it also helps if that goal is SMART?

This simple idea will help you hone your goals to something you can really do. At some future date you will be able to look back and be proud of yourself for having done exactly what you set out to do.

Using SMART as described below will turbo charge your goals to another level.


Big, global or very general goals like I want loose weight, get healthier or save more money need to be made more specific. Try to create a goal that, to someone else,  would sound very clear and precise; they would know exactly what you plan to achieve.

How much weight do you want to loose?

In what way do you want to be healthier?

Saving money is great, but how much do you want to save, and for what reason?

The more specific we are the easier it will be.


We need to be able to have a way of knowing how we are doing, measuring our progress and knowing we are attaining our desired result.

How much and how many are good questions to ask as well as how will I know when I’ve achieved this goal?


While some may argue that any goal we set our minds to is attainable life is not always like that. Perhaps you don’t have the necessary skills, resources or support yet to take this on.

Equally we can use A to look at how we make out goal attainable, what needs to be in place for it to become a reality.


Is what we are choosing to do realistic given who we are and our circumstances. Whilst we don’t want to make goals so easy to attain there is little motivation to bother with them, equally we don’t want to make them so high that it feels impossible and we give up. We also need to be clear that it is healthy and sensible to do at this time.

T is for TIMELY

Your goals need a time frame attached to them, this aids motivation and makes them attainable. For example I want to loose 3 kg by April 1st is going to be more realistic, attainable and measurable than I want to loose weight this year.

You can learn more and put your goals through this process by attending one of my workshops or booking a package of one-to-one sessions which help you to make your goals SMART as well as helping identify and deal with what stops you attaining them

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