Liberty has never come from Government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it.

Woodrow Wilson

Returning to normal

Well, well, well how interesting, our Governments have suddenly decided Covid its not so bad after all, we can start returning to normal, apparently. We have to learn to live with the virus don’t you know?

Some experts have been saying that for almost two years now. Sigh!

What I find fascinating is the why? Why this change and why now? I don’t have the answer but I am sure time will tell. Whenever our Government make sudden changes in policy there is always something else going on.

Call me paranoid if you like, but I just do not trust them. They are political animals after all and will go where they think the political wind blows fairest. Flip flopping for one week to the next is not uncommon. Declaring they will never do something and then doing it, well, how many times has that happened. Yawn!

How interesting

After bombarding us all for weeks to test and get boosted, suddenly it’s all changed. Omicron it seems is not such a terrible threat after all. Er…we knew that!

Positive case have fallen dramatically. Surprise, surprise so have the number of tests being done. Duh! We’ve just been through the same rinse and repeat cycle they’ve created several times before. Everything hinges on the tests.

It’s worth playing round with the graphs on the Scottish daily dashboard to see just how much these two things correlate. I wrote about the testing changes which may have influenced things in a recent blog Oh my! Is this a con?

What else is going on?

So what else is going on, well here is a very small but interesting selection.

  • ⭐️NHS Mandate issues: Dr. Steve James gave a brilliant interview to Unherd about why he will not be takig the vaccine and is therefore prepared to loose his job. He is not alone. Potentially 80-100,000 NHS staff are in the same boat. Given the massive vacancies already unfilled what impact will this have? Not a good one. Maybe the Government will u-turn on this too. Anyone taking bets?
  • ⭐️Toxic vaccine batches: It looks like potentially toxic batches of vaccines may have been administered. If this is true it was a bit of a lottery game being played with public health and some have come off very badly. The adverse vaccine injury reports continue to rise, and now include children.
  •  ⭐️Criminal Investigation: Are you aware of the live criminal investigation being carried out by the Metropolitan Police. Crime number 6029679/21. It’s for Gross Negligent Manslaughter and Misconduct in public office related to the Covid response. Another 18 offences have also been cited including murder, fraud, GBH and multiple breaches of the human rights act and the Nuremberg Code.
  • ⭐️Deaths from Covid: fascinating report on deaths from/with Covid. This Doctor calls this information profound. It really was not as bad as we were led to believe, particularly if you had no co-morbidities. But we knew that already, right?

Those of you who want to delve into all this more can re-read my previous Corona Time blogs here which are full of information and links.

I sense we will witness a lot of back pedalling, finger pointing and back stabbing over the next little while. How interesting it all is, and tragic.

The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem.

Milton Friedman


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