Heavy heart

Today I sat down for my morning routine with a heavy heart.

My daughter leaves home today for boarding school and it has triggered a lot of different and difficult feelings for me. Since I felt so “full” I chose to tap using EFT before attempting to meditate. This is something I recommend as it helps clear any emotional anguish and allows us to enter into meditation in a clearer state with less mental chatter.

A place of calm

I tapped for some time this morning through quite a gambit of emotions finally reaching a place of calm and peace. Here I was able to recognise and honour, at a heart level, the amazing life changing decision my daughter is making.

Kirtan Song

I then chanted along to this kirtan song:

Ong Namo -I bow to the subtle divine wisdom
Guru Dev Namo – I bow to the divine teacher within.


By using EFT to release the emotional chatter, as I did this morning, we open to the divine within, our inner wisdom, a place of love, and this we then radiate out into the world.

Try tapping, I show you how here. Tap, tap and then tap some more, this place is available to everyone of us.


heartShould you wish to try a little chanting yourself you could begin with Snatam Kaur.

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