“The greater the crime perpetrated by the leadership, the less likely it is that the people will ever believe their leaders to be capable of perpetrating such an event.”

Adolf Hitler

Cracks are appearing

I have been writing about the Covid carry on since May 2020 and it’s getting wearing, to say the least. Sometimes watching this mess unfold is laughable but mostly it’s tragic, so many lives have been adversely affected and still no real or reasonable end is in sight.

The first blog  I wrote was titled “Why its ok to question what’s going on”. It seems just as relevant today. Sadly, so do all the rest which can be found at Corona Times.

Be more fully informed

Rather than trying to summon up the enthusiasm or words to explain anymore myself, I have decided to simply pass on some articles and videos I have come across recently.

It is a lot to read or watch but I recommend you do. Since Big Tech censorship continues unabated, in parallel with the now laughably obvious state sponsored propaganda, it is possible some of you may not have come across this information.

This video at the this World Council for Health link is a good place to start.




“O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!”

Walter Scot


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