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A new approach to anxiety and depression helped me to write again.

Anxiety and Depression A new approach to anxiety and depression helped me to write again after an unintended break. Today headphones announced their arrival. Abandoned plans In Dec I planned to send another Radical Self Care Newsletter but as that month progressed I realised that in order to get through what became an intense and busy

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Can you put yourself first without feeling guilty?

I have been attempting to do this since late last year, it’s a challenge! Human lives can exert huge amounts of pressure at times and occasionally it feels like too much, we get swamped. That’s what happened to me during early winter last year.  Several difficult events occurred in my life and in the life of those

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Self-care, the answer to remaining calm; we all know this so why are we so bad at it?

I used to run on adrenaline all the time, but I had no idea I did, that was, until I started to calm down. Calming down is not coming easily to me. My default motorway wide neural connections are to rev up and run. I can pretty easily get tipped into high dramarama with the

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Saving Ourselves From Toxic People

Not always easy, but always liberating. As we change and grow in our lives we may come to realise that some of the people around us are not good for us anymore. Maybe we’ve let them boss us around, belittle us and put us down, maybe we end up drinking too much or taking drugs

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