The EFT sessions have had an enormous impact on my life. Going through divorce and dealing with a difficult ex partner that left me on the edge and with thoughts staying stuck in my mind. I found the sessions left me feeling so much better and relaxed.

The work that transpires from EFT can lead you in various directions in thought, in your life both current and past. These could be linked and may impact on how you deal with the stresses that life can bring. The work using the tapping technique uses Chinese meridian pathways in the body and along with talking about problems and other issues that come up, it seems to sort and put the worries into file. The tapping itself can be used when in stressful situations and the feelings of stress slowly disappear or lessen. It is a great, simple and effective way of dealing with Stress and problems.

The whole process was better than I could have anticipated. Mairi is a warm, relaxed,and accepting with much understanding of life and make the sessions so much easier.


I have a much better understanding of what EFT is – it is not like other therapies that I am familiar with and it did seem quirky. I found it hard to understand or believe that tapping on parts of my body could really have an impact. I was surprised to find that it does! I still don’t understand how, but I don’t need to.
It is much gentler and nurturing than some other therapies that I’ve experienced, whilst still being far reaching and really effective. It is hard for me to separate what is EFT and what is Mairi – but I felt very respected – there was deep respect for when to pull back. So often therapy has pushed me to places that feel really uncomfortable, an EFT session doesn’t do that, but it still makes significant progress.


I wanted to say that I am thinking a lot about all we talked together. And this has a positive effect on my personality. I feel much lighter, more free and more myself. I am still at the beginning of this journey but I already feel the good. Thank you so much. Again and again.


Mairi was professional, calm and reassuring throughout our work together. I very quickly felt safe and supported and soon her gentle guidance allowed me to truly ‘let go into the process’, something I usually find difficult to do. I found the EFT sessions profound and deep and even though they were a few months ago, I feel it is still having an effect. I recommend EFT to anyone thinking of trying it and I can especially highly recommend Mairi as a practitioner.


I have had regular back and knee pain for a number of years and after having a couple of sessions for my back and one for my knees the pains went. Mairi also gave me some affirmations and with those I have not had a re-occurrence of my knee pains and my back pain is far less frequent. I have also have learnt the tapping technique so when the back pain starts to return I can tap on it. I’m not as effective as when Mairi leads my tapping but do still get relief.


I want to tell you that our sessions really helped me in that I became less affected by what others think of me and so more confident in myself.


I would like to say how eye opening and rewarding my coaching experience has been. You helped me gain a better sense of direction in my life and in achieving my goal, learn a more logical approach to problem solving and overcoming obstacles which in turn has been a great confidence booster.


I found such relief taking part in this course. Having a structure each week gave me time to think about my role as a parent and by making simple, gradual changes I have noticed the benefits. I have gained confidence and made good friends who understand.


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