yoga womanLife landed me in an abusive alcoholic family, no-one’s fault, just the way my cards were dealt. Eventually the affects of this caught up with me and I experienced severe depression. Despite a lot of therapy and healing work I often still felt hijacked and trapped by my feelings; I was not emotionally free of the past.

I now see that I “acted as if” I felt OK when I didn’t. I forced myself do things rather than be hindered by anxieties and insecurities. All this took a lot of energy and effort.

life was good, I “should” have been oozing gratitude, and yet I still often struggled and felt guilty for not feeling better . Everything was being done with a low grade level of anxiety I was not even aware of.

Then my gift arrived. Ill health struck in the form of ME/CFS and I was brought to a standstill. When the body decides it’s had enough no amount of forcing or will power will move it.

ME/CFS is a collection of symptoms for which there is no cure. By that, I mean this diagnosis does not come with any answers. There is no set protocol to follow, no prognosis that can be given, no clear treatment plan which will sort it all out. Wonderful research is being done which is helping to unravel what happens when a person is brought to a halt in such a profound way. Gradually we are coming to understand what is happening inside the body to create all these symptoms. However the why is still allusive. For some it may be an unidentified virus, for others toxins, perhaps the affect of trauma, auto immune problems, digestive dysfunction, the list goes on.

The last few years have been a remarkable time. My life, as was, was stripped away. I have struggled to learn the lessons and railed against the unfairness, the loneliness, the fear and frustration. Eventually I stopped and listened; I began a dialogue with my body and asked, how did this happen and what can I do about it?

I have come to believe that whatever the causes, the best thing I can do is to heal the dis-ease in my mind body and spirit, and work towards a state of optimal health and wellbeing. To this end I have been using nutrition and herbs, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, yoga and of course EFT.

Working with a practitioner EFT initially helped me to calm down about my actual illness, to stop stressing-out about my symptoms and situation. Through tapping on my feelings and fears I learned to accept them more and not to project what they might mean for my future. This alone brought me substantial relief.

Later I started to work on some persistent patterns of behavior and limiting beliefs which had caused me to live in a state of constant anxiety. By clearing the emotional charge attached to past events I have been able to release their hold over me. They are no-longer triggered by current day events allowing me to act in more appropriate way to what is happening NOW.

More recently I have used EFT as a tool of last resort to explore what is going on with some persistent physical symptoms and I have found relief, in particular, from persistent IBS bloating. I have been surprised by the insight and awareness this has given me. The EFT path often takes me on unexpected detours.

For me EFT is a profound healing tool, one I am immensely grateful to have in my life and at my finger tips.

Whatever happens, wherever I am, I can tap and help myself,
what could be better than that!