Most of us spend a lot of time on screens these days. I believe that if we want to change we need to think carefully about what we are consuming through the things we watch.

What are we taking in, absorbing and programming our minds with?

Instead of slumping in-front of negative news stories or watching programmes designed to get and hold your attention on things that are essentially meaningless, why not watch something which inspires, informs and connects you with the changes we not only need on a personal level but also at a planetary level too.

Here are some ideas:

  • Change Is Always Possible Youtube Channel: various nature videos and tips and tools I have made to inspire, encourage and support you on your journey of change.

  • Gaia TV: A subscription based resource full of inspirational films, guided programs, meal plans, shopping lists, online support and a thriving community

  • Films for Action: a learning library for changing the world.

  • Uplift TV: conscious films that will make you think.

  • TED talks: influential talks from experts in their field.

  • Story of Stuff: short videos working to inform us about some of the issues we face on our planet.

These are a few of my favourite films:

One of the most watched TED talks.
The power of vulnerability
Brené Brown TEDxHouston

SCHOOLING THE WORLD: takes a challenging, sometimes funny, ultimately deeply troubling look at the role played by modern education in the destruction of the world’s last sustainable land-based cultures.

How Wolves Change Rivers: Showing us the interconnectedness of all things.

The Story of Solutions:
To inspire hope.

Charles Eisenstein on Community – a new story for our times.