“Even though x y or z I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Every EFT session begins this way.

The dictionary definition of “even” states “it is used to show that something is surprising, unusual, unexpected, or extreme.”  This makes sense to me; so many of us are not at all used to feeling loving and accepting towards ourselves,  least of all in connection to some stressful event,  memory or feelings,  therefore the idea that we can, is indeed surprising and often quite unexpected.
Many of us are far more practiced and polished in the art of self denigration. We may feel ashamed, embarrassed, angry, or sad about our feelings and the things that have happened to us and we treat ourselves badly as a result.
EFT offers us the chance to change that. By beginning with “even though” a little distance is created, a chink of possibility opens up, perhaps we could feel differently?

In addition it allows us to step back a little to engage with a different perspective, ” you know what……. this awful thing happened and you feel bad, but you can still learn to love and accept yourself anyway.”
It was a bit of a revelation to me to even consider the fact that I might be able to love and accept myself full stop, never mind feel that way in relation to specific unpleasant events in my life. Gradually the tapping did it’s work, I not only released the emotional stress I also began to notice a part of me saying.
“Hey, I do love myself, wow, I do accept myself, hey you know what, despite it all I am ok anyway.”

EFT – the self-help tool at your finger tips.

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