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Were you made for these times?

Have you set sail yet? Yesterday I was listening to a meditation by Tara Brach and near the end she read some writing by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  This writing spoke to me on a deep level. It reminded me to keep going even when times are tough and that I am not alone. There are

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If we look after our hurt places we can change the world.

Sometimes we don’t realise how much we have changed until a situation comes along and we find we behave quite differently to how we might have in the past. That’s what happened to me this week. The rain in Argyll can be relentless at times, as you can hear in this video. My upbringing left

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Do you apologise for the tears you shed or the rage you feel? Don’t!

How deeply do you feel about the atrocities happening in the world? Do they fill you with sadness? Do you weep? I hope so. For to feel sorrow, fear, anger, helpless, overwhelmed or anything else in response to the state of our world is telling you something very important: you are still connected and you still

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Changing The World One Oatcake At A Time.

I started to write about making my own oatcakes and out came all this! Several times over the last few months I have heard things which alarmed me, information which suggests the global collapse is upon us, disaster imminent. I freaked out.  I felt I couldn’t cope with the information, I have no reference points for

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