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How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The answer is more complex than you might think and I honestly cannot say. Some people are fortunate their issues are simple and easily resolved, for many however, like me, there are depths and layers which can take some time to unravel.

In addition it will also depend to some extent on how much you wish to clear and change in your life. Some people are content to make small changes here and there while others want to delve deeper and take the time to root out what stops them moving forward. They want more of a life audit.

We live in a world that promises instant fixes and solutions, makeovers that take no time at all and promise to radically transform your life. In my experience real lasting change takes time and effort. Our lives can be complex and multi-layered and until we begin our work together we will not know how many aspects need addressed.

However as part of our work together I will be teaching you EFT and other tools and techniques which empower and enable you to do your own healing work. Not only does this save you time and money it puts you in charge of your healing journey, I am there to encourage, inspire and support you as you do the work.

For those who want to dive in I usually suggest my Personalised Course, for those who are not so sure I suggest booking a package of 5 or 10 sessions to begin with. Whatever you decide there is always the option of a free consultation first where we can talk through your issues and how I might help.

Block of 5 sessions              £325

Block of 10 sessions            £590

A single session                    £75