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Awakening in Benderloch – Events Listing

December 2017 Film Screening of Polyfaces 7th December 2017 7pm sharp Victory Hall, Benderloch. To book or find out more contact Mairi here. We will also be joined by local farmers who practice regenerative farming here in Argyll. They will share their story of Awakening and be available to answer questions. ‘Polyface Farm’ is led

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Do you apologise for the tears you shed or the rage you feel? Don’t!

How deeply do you feel about the atrocities happening in the world? Do they fill you with sadness? Do you weep? I hope so. For to feel sorrow, fear, anger, helpless, overwhelmed or anything else in response to the state of our world is telling you something very important: you are still connected and you still

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Walk 5

I am walking the shoreline of Loch Creran on the West Coast of Scotland. This is a personal challenge and you can read more about it here. This walk covered ground I have walked many many times before. When we cover well worn ground in life it is very easy to do it as if

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