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You can’t out run or out numb your feelings

Spot on that woman!     Good and bad emotions Hurrah for Susan David and all the other people out there giving us permission to feel our feelings. Not only have we grouped them into good and bad we then use this hierarchy to judge which we can express and which must be pushed away,

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Why did Snowy the rabbit turn up in my tapping?

Limiting Beliefs Thankfully I have EFT tapping and Matrix Reimprinting in my life. These excellent techniques can help us move through all sorts of challenges. I recently used them to help me with issues which arose while completing the Vital Mind Re-Set Course. The dietary changes and other protocols were demanding enough, but perhaps more so was dealing with the

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Self-care, the answer to remaining calm; we all know this so why are we so bad at it?

I used to run on adrenaline all the time, but I had no idea I did, that was, until I started to calm down. Calming down is not coming easily to me. My default motorway wide neural connections are to rev up and run. I can pretty easily get tipped into high dramarama with the

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Change Is Always Possible

Middle of the Night Mind Bending

I love Tara Brach. She has been a companion of mine for the last 5 years or so, though she doesn’t know it. I started listening to her when we were away sailing and while I was recovering from CFS/ME. I used to lie down in my little cabin and listen to podcasts of her

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A Time for Giving Thanks.

I can’t believe how many people wrinkle their noses when I ask if they like this time of year; if they are looking forward to Christmas? “Not really,” they shrug. How sad that we have this opportunity for a mid-winter celebration and yet so many, like me, would rather not be facing it at all.

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change lives

What Blocks Us From Achieving Real Change In Our Lives, Part 2 – Acceptance

When someone first suggested to me that I “ Just Accept” I thought they’d gone mad. Were they asking me to give in, submit, accept defeat and condone something?  How wrong I was. Acceptance does not mean we are some sort of doormat who just rolls over and takes whatever is happening to us.  It

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What Blocks Us From Achieving Real Change In Our Lives, Part 3 – Kindness

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Mark Twain When I read this quote I softened a little inside,  I get what it means at a soul level,  I feel it with my heart.  This is the place we need to come from towards ourselves. If you have been

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Why Do We Talk About the Negative In EFT?

“Best not to think about it.” “Put it behind you.” “Don’t dwell on it.” “Keep yourself busy.” “Have a drink and forget about it.” These are all common responses to something unpleasant happening to us. We think that by taking our focus off the problem we will somehow forget it and overcome it. If we

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The Divine Within

Today I sat down for my morning routine with a heavy heart. My daughter leaves home today for boarding school and it has triggered a lot of different and difficult feelings for me. Since I felt so “full” I chose to tap using EFT before attempting to meditate. This is something I recommend as it

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Christmas Stress

The Christmas Double Act Within

My inner child is starting to get excited about Christmas, she loves all the tinsel and baubles. Fuelled by memories of bulging kilt socks found at the end of her bed she loves this time of year. Each year the old baby basket appeared, tinsel cascading down it’s sides, followed by delving into boxes hunting

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