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foraging to reconnect

Foraging to Reconnect

“Mankind evolved in the wild. Foraging and hunting are in our genes.” A Handbook of Scotland’s Wild Harvests by Fi Martynoga The why of foraging This is not a how to forage article, there are links to some websites for that, at the end. No, this is more of a call to reconnect through this forgotten

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Lessons From A Tree, Part 5 – Wounds

Wounds One day lying underneath an oak tree I visit I noticed just how many broken branches it had. All up the length of it’s trunk are the semi rotten stumps of what must have broken a long time ago. There are also some huge limbs missing and others which have bits and pieces broken

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Lessons From A Tree, Part 3 – Tree Mindfulness

Tree Mindfulness That little birch tree (Lessons From A Tree – Part 2), taught me such a lot as I sat in my chair wondering if I would ever get outside again. Intellectually I understand much of what she has to say but emotionally I often take a while to catch up. Nonetheless there is solace

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Lessons From A Tree, Part 2 – Becoming Me

Becoming Me Although I have never forgotten that incredible experience with a tree all those years ago, Lessons From A Tree – Part 1, it wasn’t till relatively recently that I started to consciously learn more from trees again. For some reason shortly after I became ill with ME/CFS I felt drawn to trees. I

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Lessons From A Tree, Part 1 – Life Goes On

Life Goes On Almost 20 years ago I was grappling with being told that I had had Clamydia infection. It had so damaged my fallopian tubes I would not be able to get pregnant naturally. A tree helped me to heal. The news that I would never conceive naturally was an enormous shock. As a

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