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Changing The World One Oatcake At A Time.

I started to write about making my own oatcakes and out came all this! Several times over the last few months I have heard things which alarmed me, information which suggests the global collapse is upon us, disaster imminent. I freaked out.  I felt I couldn’t cope with the information, I have no reference points for

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Saving Ourselves From Toxic People

Not always easy, but always liberating. As we change and grow in our lives we may come to realise that some of the people around us are not good for us anymore. Maybe we’ve let them boss us around, belittle us and put us down, maybe we end up drinking too much or taking drugs

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Ooops, Lack of Self-Care Strikes Again!

I’m sharing this video from my bed. Why? Watching this reminded me why. It helped me rejoin the dots creating a picture I try to resist at times because it tells a truth parts of me find hard to accept. I have a pattern I run sometimes, which I’ve been running recently, it goes something

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What do you need?

If we have full bellies, a roof over our head, clothes on our back and some free time plus access to more of the same, then I believe we live in a state of privilege. If we also live in a country that is democratic (though some may dispute that now here in the UK!)

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Unless we look we may not even see the bars of the cages which confine us the expectations that actually rule our lives. They may be so embedded in us from our childhoods that they have become how we operate in the world. We are no-longer aware of our cage. Layered on top of all

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Change Is Always Possible

Middle of the Night Mind Bending

I love Tara Brach. She has been a companion of mine for the last 5 years or so, though she doesn’t know it. I started listening to her when we were away sailing and while I was recovering from CFS/ME. I used to lie down in my little cabin and listen to podcasts of her

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Lessons From A Tree, Part 1 – Life Goes On

Life Goes On Almost 20 years ago I was grappling with being told that I had had Clamydia infection. It had so damaged my fallopian tubes I would not be able to get pregnant naturally. A tree helped me to heal. The news that I would never conceive naturally was an enormous shock. As a

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Don’t Give Up

All you history buffs will hopefully understand why I included the photo above but actually it was the photo below, found on Facebook, which compelled me to write this article. I know I am writing as much to remind myself as to encourage you. I need inspired to keep going when times are tough, when

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There is hope.

So….. it all caught up with me this morning. I woke up feeling down and negative. I could feel the whispers of depression-past calling to me, willing me to trash my life.  I wanted to lie down in it’s comfortable familiarity, to surrender to the insistent voice, let it engulf me and tell me just

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Walk 11 – Round the head of Loch Creran.

I am walking the shoreline of Loch Creran on the West Coast of Scotland. This is a personal challenge which I hope will also be inspiring, you can read more about it here. Thank goodness I’d taken good note of where I finished last time otherwise I could have spent ages just trying to figure

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