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Radical Self Care

You’d think I’d have known better! Do you?

You know that feeling when you realise you’ve taken on too much? Well I’m having it.  I won’t bore you with the list, but suffice to say that in a currently full to capacity life I decided to take on more.  Oh yea! Taken on too much Yes I’ve taken on too much. No-one made

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Self care

Self care, how do you measure yours?

Do you measure self care by what you’ve done? OR How you feel? A Tick Box Exercise A number of years ago I used to treat self care like a tick box exercise.   Yoga – tick Walk – tick Read – tick Meet a friend – tick Early bed – tick   Checking off my

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The Dalai Lama is showing us how to do Radical Self Care

In the video I’ve posted below the Dalai Lama is showing us how to do Radical Self Care. All of this video is important but what I’d most like you to listen to is the first 2 mins. The title of this video is not the sort that would normally draw me in but for

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Limiting beliefs

How to quit Facebook, you need a plan.

Deciding to quit Facebook or any other social media may not be as simple as you think; be prepared. Exit Strategy I suggest you fashion a plan, an exit strategy which allows for a graceful bowing out. I say this because once you’ve gone, you’ve gone.  You need to be sure and clear about what

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Coming Off Facebook

Coming Off Facebook – Awareness, Discomfort, Freedom

The short answer to why I have come off Facebook is rooted in these questions: What is most important to you in your life? What do you value? What are your passions? What brings your life meaning? In a nutshell Facebook was taking me away from what matters most to me in life. Trying to

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It happens in nice middle calss families too

It Happens in Nice Middle Class Families Too.

Telling the Truth It has taken me decades to talk about this stuff openly and honestly. To be able to tell my truth without hanging my head in shame. The reason for this is two fold.  Firstly there is the blanket of denial I grew up under and secondly there is what what went on underneath

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Change Is Always Possible

Blame, be a victim and suffer if you want to, but you don’t have to, it’s a choice.

When I first heard that I am responsible for the state of my life and no-one else but me, I didn’t like it. Poor Me I was just waking up to the troubled state of my childhood and firmly intrenched in “poor me”.  I had all those terrible things done to me, don’t you know?

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Clean Up Your Act

Clean up your act and clear out those chemicals I’m on Day 28 of  Kelly Brogan MD’s 44 Day Vital Mind Re-set, and I’m LOVING it! It’s far from plane sailing but I’ve been down the detox route before so I knew a little about what to expect. However what I didn’t realise was just

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If we look after our hurt places we can change the world.

Sometimes we don’t realise how much we have changed until a situation comes along and we find we behave quite differently to how we might have in the past. That’s what happened to me this week. The rain in Argyll can be relentless at times, as you can hear in this video. My upbringing left

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Can you put yourself first without feeling guilty?

I have been attempting to do this since late last year, it’s a challenge! Human lives can exert huge amounts of pressure at times and occasionally it feels like too much, we get swamped. That’s what happened to me during early winter last year.  Several difficult events occurred in my life and in the life of those

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