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Self care

Self care, how do you measure yours?

Do you measure self care by what you’ve done? OR How you feel? A Tick Box Exercise A number of years ago I used to treat self care like a tick box exercise.   Yoga – tick Walk – tick Read – tick Meet a friend – tick Early bed – tick   Checking off my

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Coming Off Facebook

Coming Off Facebook – Awareness, Discomfort, Freedom

The short answer to why I have come off Facebook is rooted in these questions: What is most important to you in your life? What do you value? What are your passions? What brings your life meaning? In a nutshell Facebook was taking me away from what matters most to me in life. Trying to

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You can’t out run or out numb your feelings

Spot on that woman!     Good and bad emotions Hurrah for Susan David and all the other people out there giving us permission to feel our feelings. Not only have we grouped them into good and bad we then use this hierarchy to judge which we can express and which must be pushed away,

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Sugar – tips tools and truth to help you change your relationship to the white stuff.

I have had a love-hate relationship with sugar for years. It began in childhood shaking the white stuff over margarine slathered slices of bread after school, buying big bags of penny buns last thing on a Saturday when they were cheap and  rushing to the sweetie shop with my pocket money to stare in awe

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Why did Snowy the rabbit turn up in my tapping?

  I recently completed the Vital Mind Re-Set Course. The dietary changes and other protocols were demanding enough, but perhaps more so was dealing with the limiting beliefs which surfaced. Fortunately I have EFT and Matrix Reimprinting in my life which were excellent tools to help me move through these challenges. During week one I felt worse not better and

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Dealing With Your Diagnosis

Were you helped to deal with your diagnosis? Did someone explain it all, the treatments and procedures? Did they tell you the prognosis, or possible outcomes? How did that feel? Did they then help you with those feelings? Is so then I suspect you are one of the lucky ones because my own experience and

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Ooops, Lack of Self-Care Strikes Again!

I’m sharing this video from my bed. Why? Watching this reminded me why. It helped me rejoin the dots creating a picture I try to resist at times because it tells a truth parts of me find hard to accept. I have a pattern I run sometimes, which I’ve been running recently, it goes something

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Don’t Give Up

All you history buffs will hopefully understand why I included the photo above but actually it was the photo below, found on Facebook, which compelled me to write this article. I know I am writing as much to remind myself as to encourage you. I need inspired to keep going when times are tough, when

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Change Is Always Possible

Listen to Your Body

An interesting turn of events has happened which made me think quite a lot about my relationship with my body. I mentioned on my Facebook page that I’d had the idea that I could try skiing again. I started doing some training for it and was doing well increasing my exercises by a few each day. My

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Loch Creran

Why This Walk and Why Now?

Following on from my last post View from my Chair, I want to explain a little more about why I am going to walk the shore line of Loch Creran. A couple of years ago my therapist suggested I list all the things I wanted to do when I was well.  The idea is to

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